Opening Blocked Chakras

Usually, one's base chakra is open. A burning sensation or feeling of intense pressure in one of the chakras usually indicates the one above it is blocked. For example, some people experience a burning in the throat, which indicates the 6th chakra is blocked. Energy is trapped and cannot ascend through the next chakra. Though there are several different ways, vibration is the most effective means of activating and opening a chakra.

1. Chakra Breathing.

2. The most potent way is through vibration.

* The U's are pronounced as in the English word 'BLUE'
**Roll the 'R'

Runes can also be used and/or certain vibrations in Sanskrit will open your chakras very fast. Focus on and vibrate [aloud] into the chakra you wish to open, while visualizing a white-gold powerful energy upon the chakra. The THOR rune is very effective for opening stubborn areas. The working needs to be repeated every night, preferably during a waxing moon- from new to full.

Eventually, the chakra will be strong enough to naturally take up energy on its own. Strong chakras can absorb energy. Weak chakras that are blocked are depleted and unable to attract and absorb energy on their own. Weak and blocked areas create diseases associated with the particular chakra and visa-versa- diseases create the weak chakra.

Choose one of more of the above exercises and do it/them daily until the problem is corrected.



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