Prominent Neptune

No chart is perfect. Neptune though, is something to be aware of. The energies of this planet are very difficult to sublimate. Consistent meditation, which is actually ruled by Neptune can help.

On the upside, Neptune rules ethereal beauty, it is the higher octave of Venus. Many artists, actors, creators of beauty, musicians, and related have a prominent Neptune. Neptune aspects to Venus can inspire the most awesome works of art and creativity, this is the creative aspect par excellence, but the love nature often suffers as the individual with these is too idealistic and too wanting of total romance and perfection in their love relationships.

Neptune also rules extreme sensitivity and drug/alcohol abuse. Here are a few examples of prominent Neptune:

Marilyn Monroe - Movie star - Neptune in the first house- co-ruler of her chart. This undermined and weakened her personality, as Neptune weakens. The more prominent the Neptune, the more it works to weaken the personality and make one inconsistent, unreliable and have escapist tendencies. While this planet gave her glamour and beauty, she died of poisoning [how this happened, no one really knows the details], Neptune rules poisons. Neptune rules the theatre and Hollywood.

Hector Berlioz - Composer and Musician - Neptune conjunct his ruling moon.

David Bowie - Musician - Neptune in exact conjunction with his ascendant

Montgomery Clift - Actor - Neptune in close square to his ruling mercury. Heavy drug and alcohol user. Many of his planets are on unfavorable degrees. he was prone to depression and had 'deep emotional scars.' With Uranus at the handle of his bucket chart, he always felt alienated.

Alice Cooper - Musician - Neptune in almost exact conjunction with his ascendant. Alcohol and drug abuse.

Jacques Yves Cousteau - noted oceanographer and marine biologist who brought the public much information on the sea and sea life. Neptune [rules the ocean and marine biology], in his 10th house of career.

Leonardo Da Vinci - noted artist and sculptor - Neptune conjunct his midheaven [cusp of 10th house of career], inconjunct his ruling Jupiter and trining his Venus.

Claude Debussy - Musician and Composer - Neptune inconjunct his co-ruler mercury, trining Venus, and opposing Jupiter. [Jupiter often amplifies whatever planet it contacts].

Gustave Paul Dore - Artist - Neptune in the first house, exact conjunction to co-ruler mercury; Neptune is also his co-ruler. Neptune sextile Venus.

Clint Eastwood - Film star - Neptune in tight conjunction to his midheaven, trining his co-ruler mars.

Hermann Goring - Third Reich Leader - he was wounded in the groin [bullet wound], during putsch and given morphine, of which he remained addicted for the rest of his life. His chart ruler Pluto is in exact conjunction with Neptune.

Mick Jagger - Musician - Neptune in sextile to chart ruling Sun, Leo ascendant and co-ruler Jupiter in Leo. Heavy drug and alcohol user.

Elton John - musician - Neptune in opposition to his ruling Sun.

Here is the other side of Neptune. Neptune rules insanity, pathological liars, and deceivers. Neptune, as I mentioned already, its influence is undermining and weakening, self-pitying, unreliable and given the other aspects and placements in the chart, it can be a lot worse. I have noted in the charts of many serial killers, rapists of children [on another note...child rapists and molesters often have the ruler of their eighth house of sex placed in the fifth house of children], have a prominent Neptune.

Judy Goodyear - murdered husbands and even her son [which she drowned after she poisoned him for a long period of time], for insurance policy money through use of poison. One can see an unbalanced personality here - Aries stellium indicating extreme selfishness in tight square aspect to Jupiter, amplifying these tendencies with no hard aspects from Saturn to offset this. Neptune in conjunction with her ascendant. Neptune at 0 degrees of Libra, a critical degree, more than likely on her east point.

Jeffrey Dahmer - serial killer - This guy was definitely schizoid. This is apparent if one has studied abnormal psychology. He was clearly insane from early childhood. 1st house Neptune.

David Berkowitz - serial killer - Neptune in exact sextile to ruling Pluto.

Richard Allen Davis - serial killer - Neptune in exact sextile to ruling Pluto. Sadistic with anger issues - bucket chart with mars strong in Capricorn at the handle. 5 planets in the intense and sexual 8th house.

Arthur Shawcross - serial killer, brutal rapist and murderer of children - ruler of his 8th house [Sagittarius on the cusp], Jupiter in his fifth house of children. Neptune in exact trine to first house co-ruler mercury.

Ed Gein [where they got the movie 'Psycho']- serial killer, necrophile - Neptune in conjunction with co-ruling Jupiter. Other noted placements - chart ruler mercury at 15 of Leo, a very unfortunate degree; one of the worst. Saturn in Pisces at the handle of a bucket configuration, in the tenth house, opposing the Sun, indicating problems with the father, that left deep and lasting scars as Saturn is at the handle which drives the chart, ruling the eighth house of sex, which has Capricorn on the cusp. Pluto/moon opposition - domineering mother, close relationship. When I say 'drives the chart' I mean the influence is very strong in the way of some personal/psychological scars/hang-ups that never go away.

Jeremy Strohmeyer - murderer and rapist of children - ruler of the eighth house [Pisces on the cusp] Neptune, placed in the fifth house of children. Neptune in tight sextile to ruling sun and squaring co-ruler Saturn. Saturn in first house on bad degree - 9 of Virgo, indicating misfortune.

Jeffrey MacDonald - murderer of children - Scorpio on the eighth house cusp, with its ruler Pluto in the fifth of children. Neptune in opposition to first house co-ruling moon.

William Heirens - child murderer - Aquarius on the cusp of the 8th house, with its co-ruling Saturn in the 5th. Neptune in tight ruling trine to chart ruler moon.

Gary Michael Heidnik - serial killer - devout Christian preacher and pastor; bishop. Held captive and also murdered some of several prostitutes in his basement where he tortured them. One managed to escape. Neptune in conjunction to chart ruler Venus in the 12th house.

Edmund Emil Kemper - serial killer, murderer and mutilator of teenagers - Aries on the cusp of the 8th house with its ruler mars in the 5th of children.

Howard Unruh - child killer - ruler of 8th in 5th.


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