Protecting Yourself

Many people are concerned about world affairs, which are getting worse and worse by the day, such as the economy and related.

The only thing you can do is to keep your soul energies up, and work to amplify them. Regardless of what you do for meditations [we are all individuals], following a meditation/yoga session, etc., one should be absolutely still and get what I call an 'energy buzz'. This is where you feel like you are glowing with energy, vibrating with it or anywhere where you can feel the energy of your soul, which was amplified by the working you just did.

Experienced meditators know this feeling. It comes minutes after a yoga session, after doing breathing exercises, invoking energy from the sun, and many times after cleaning one's aura and chakras. Just sitting still and meditating on this energy buzz helps to amplify it. This is your energy; your power. When you have this going after your meditation/yoga session, that is the time to make your affirmations. When stating affirmations, these should be in the present tense, a short phrase that is to the point. Such as: 'I am safe, secure and protected in every way.' 'I am successful in my job.' 'My job is safe, secure and protected in every way.' 'I now have a secure job and the pay is adequate for me.'

All affirmations must be stated in the present tense as the mind/soul does not understand future tense such as 'will' happen. Visualize the white-gold light all around yourself, as this is the astral energy that will work to manifest your affirmations. Build this astral energy. Relax, but affirm with intent and focus. If your mind wanders, do not be upset, just keep bringing it back.

Unless one is very strong, workings should be performed every single day for some 40 days straight. 40 is a number of Satan. Unfortunately, this number, like the number 7 [for the chakras] has been stolen and corrupted by the enemy, but ignore this and use it. It has to do with the moon cycle.

Do not begin your working on a void of course moon. Workings in which you wish to attract a situation, growth of a project and such should be started during a waxing moon. The current moon data is all over the internet and there is always help in these groups for people who don't know much about this. Workings which are geared towards endings should be performed during the waning phase of the moon.

I know of someone close to me who had horrific planets in the sense that transiting Saturn was making hard retrograde aspects to most of his personal planets and to add to this, transiting Saturn was in his first house [one of the worst times in anyone's life]. He consistently meditated on a daily basis [he worked some 60 hours a week, so he didn't have a whole lot of free time], but he knew how bad his planets were and focused on making positive affirmations, as I mentioned in the above. He also invoked energy from the sun. The more brilliant and bright the energy, the stronger it is. Unbelievably, he got through unscathed. Minor problems manifested, but nothing devastating.

Something else I would like to add regarding my own experience. I was driving and nearing an intersection on a quiet street. Something within a split second came over me and for no reason, my foot hit the brake. A car came speeding on the cross street and ran the stop sign. There was absolutely no reason for me to slow down or hit the brake, as I had the right-of-way. If I hadn't hit the break, the car that ran the stop sign would have totaled my car and me. It was going some 50+ mph in a 25 mph zone.

Do not wait until your life is out of control or where problems are so bad that you are in deep shit. I know from years of experience, spiritual attention to a specific problem, such as healing; if it is caught in the very early stages, it takes much less energy and less time to get under control. When something grabs a foothold so to speak, in your life, then dealing with it spiritually, using your powers, can be much more time consuming and difficult and it will require much more energy.

Do not be afraid of the world situation or ever doubt your workings. Try to think of other things and get your mind off of your working so it can do its job. The energy of the soul is much like having a savings. Most people have some financial back-up of some sorts. The same should be done with the energy of the soul.

I also want to add here- skipping meditations, sporadic meditating, doing workings haphazard and such; because everything begins in the mind- your PC that you are using, the chair you are sitting in, the desk your PC is on, streets, buildings, supermarkets, windows, nearly everything in this world that is material- THE IDEA CAME BEFORE THE MATERIAL MANIFESTATION! Someone thought of something and designed it in their mind before they made it a reality.

The same goes for your workings on the astral. You are building a situation for yourself, whether it be a secure job, personal success, secure financial situation, personal protection, whatever. When your energies drop, as with skipping meditations, sporadic meditations, then this unfortunately opens the door in your life for unfortunate occurrences and circumstances. Don't allow this to happen. Keep your energies high and you will be ok though all of this.

Regular practice of Hatha [physical yoga] will act to open the mind and enhance the intuition. Your intuition and gut feelings will also be an indispensible help in getting you through difficult times in this world, unscathed.

In closing, always remember- telepathic communication is subject to all kinds of interferences, no different from a Ouija board. Rely on your own abilities first and foremost. Too many people are dependent upon Demons and spirits. The Powers of Hell now have their hands full. The message of Satanism is to be strong. It takes a lot of personal strength and character to strictly adhere to a meditation program. Make it a habit.

Confucius says: "One who is strict with one's self rarely fails."


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