The 666BlackSun site is a site that is dedicated on proper historical review of the Spiritual beliefs held by the National Socialists.

We have found after elaborate research things that were known for decades after WW2, including the reality that the so called "National Socialist Regime" was a very important historical turning point for humanity, that has not brought as much evil on this world as falsely claimed.

In the light of these and many more revelations in regards to the jewish culture, the information of this site is provided to give a realistic perception of the times of National Socialism.

Due to interest clashses between the German people and the Jews at the time, the jews, having won the war, wrote liberally propaganda against the Germans and anyone who dared to expose anything of their underlying beliefs in Judaism, Zionism, or their centuries long behavioral patterns.

Certain Nations have went as far as to forbid all sorts of research and criticism on the subject or this very important time of recent history.

In contrast to popular belief, we have concluded that the National Socialists were not solely an evil regime, and in all ways operating similarly to most states and regimes of the time.

Further, many of these underlying philosophical beliefs were adopted in most Ancient Pagan Civilizations.

Real dangerous and vile programs such as Communism, have enjoyed endless acceptance in Western Civilization.

The day when this disclaimer was written, yet another head of state declared openly that they are "Zionists", a codeword for supporting the creation of the State of Zion, the Biblical "Promised land of the jews", which will require endless genocide and wars to be attained as an idea. The underlying premise of this idea is the idea of Jewish Racial supremacy against all other people on Earth.

People can judge whether and if the jewish people are that innocent as they constantly try to claim; a reality disproven on a daily basis as we observe their historical patterns or their present actions against the people of Palestine.

Contrary to false jewish claims about the National Socialists, the Nationalist Socialists did not harbor any similar beliefs. It appears when one knows the Truth, the jews projected these ideas on the National Socialists to villify them.

The historical clash between the National Socialist regime and the "Jewish People" has always been defined solely by the believers of Judaism and their elaborate propaganda machine, which even to this day, censors, perverts and attacks anyone who even remotely questions it. It is forbidden to question it.

Clearly, they are afraid of the Truth. The Truth is that these spiritual approaches were not about evil, genocide, or anything that is widely enforced nowadays as the "factual truth".

The website you are about to read is not about any form of racial hate. We want all non-jewish people to read this and to understand it in its proper historical context.

Freedom of speech is a Western Value that is not represented or accepted by the Jewish or Abrahamic programs.

We provide this information for accurate historical review, because one sided history or Abrahamic propaganda tends to overshadow everything.

The contents of this site should be read logically, in a mature mindset and in their historical context. One must also think for themselves and what of the claims of the National Socialists stand true on this day, retaining a critical overview.

Spiritual Satanism is above all of this and transcends any political party or ideology.

One consents to be a responsible person that understands the contents of this site as research to form a proper opinion, for unity among the non-jews and a global defense against the jewish propaganda machine which lies on a constant basis.

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