Wings of the Soul Meditation
En Haradren Amlug

Here is a simple, yet effective, meditation I came up with to empower and strengthen your wings. This meditation came from me, but was suggested to me by Anubis. Satan and Enlil have suggested that I write it to share.

1. Calm you mind and get into a meditative sate.

2. Visualize your wings and feel them and your energy flowing through them.

3. Inhale for a count you are comfortable with. On the inhale, hold your wings down by your back, this should be their relaxed position and cause no strain.

4. Hold your breath and as your do this, flap your wings slowly, just simply moving them back and forth. Do this 3-5 times for beginners.

NOTE ' When first starting on working on your wings, they won't be as strong and therefore won't move as fast. I recommend starting with about 3 then working your way up to as many as you can whilst holding your breath without strain. You shouldn't hold for more than 10 counts for advanced meditators, as it is not necessary to hold for longer.

5. On the exhale, stretch your wings as high and far out as you can and hold this for the entire exhale. At the end let your wings drop to the relaxed first position.

This is one round. Five rounds is ample for one sitting. If you are feeling some strain, either lessen the round or the flaps. You should not push yourself and overwork them.

You may feel some tension in the back muscles and after doing this for a while, feel them moving the energy around you.

Thanks to Anubis, Enlil and Satan for guidance, help and inspiration to write and create this.

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Hail Satan!
Hail Anubis!
Hail Enlil!
Praise the True Gods of Old!

-En Haradren Amlug