Venus: Signs, House Positions and Asepcts

The planet Venus reveals much about the sex/love preferences



These people enjoy the chase. If the object of their affections comes to them too easily, they often lose interest. They desire outgoing athletic partners who can keep up with them, and who will actively share in their interests. Once they know they have completely conquered a lover, they lose interest, as they begin to take him/her for granted. Love is a contest with these people. They what you to make the first move, but don't do this. Let them make the first move, of which they will if they have any serious interest in you. They have a need for upsets in love, especially if Venus is in hard aspect to Mars. When things run smooth, they lose interest, so they start arguments and can do other things to shake up the relationship. They enjoy seeing their partners get jealous, but they themselves cannot handle jealousy. They can seriously overreact.

Those with Venus in Aries are selfish lovers. They are often concerned only with their own pleasure. Putting your arm around their neck, messing up their hair, kissing them on the ears and neck, running your finger across their lips; these moves turn them on. Some Venus in Aries women like their men with razor stubble, rubbing against their faces when kissing them. Some enjoy rough sex. Give it right back to them. Stand up to them. They lose interest when they know they can dominate you. Change yourself every so often to keep his/her interest, as they get bored easily. Venus in Aries people do not get on well with water signs who are sensitive, emotionally needy and must have security in their relationships. Venus in Aries can be very abrasive, unless there are a lot of planets in Pisces, Cancer, or other water signs.

Venus in Taurus people need to be touched. Wear soft sensual fabrics such as silk, satin, angora, velvet; as this will turn them on. They can have sex in the same position, at the same time every day, variety is not essential here, unless Uranus aspects Venus in the chart. They can get real jealous and possessive. Taurus is a jealous sign; they need security in a relationship. Feed them a full home cooked meal with the food they loved as a child; the food of their own country. Good food is essential to their wellbeing. Watch a video and have all night sex. Your sexual pleasure is very important to them. Fake it if you have to.

Kissing them on the neck and shoulders is a turn on. They also love to cuddle. Make them feel as secure, comfortable, and luxurious as you possibly can. Never hurt them or they will stay away forever. Commitment is important to them. They prefer to have sex at home. Always do your best to keep up with their sexual demands, especially in the beginning.

Here we have the person who can carry on two or more affairs at the same time and love each person for their own unique individuality. Venus in Gemini is the most inclined to cheat.

They are inconsistent in their emotions. Good talk, intelligence, and lots of interesting conversation will keep them interested. Venus in Gemini men love intellectual and intelligent women with whom they can communicate on nearly everything. These people like to brag to others about their sex lives [usually a close friend]; the enjoy talking about love. They can often lose interest as the years go on, as they get bored easily. They like to remain friends with their lovers even long after the relationship is over.

They enjoy kissing. Keep kissing them deeply while you're having sex. They get jealous, but they don't understand or tolerate jealous feelings in others. When they turn off sexually, the relationship is over with. They can be superficial in love, as their feelings don't run too deep, [Gemini is intellectual and an air sign], unless there are many water signs in their charts to offset this. Hold their hands, keep them guessing, indulge them in gossip; they love it. They like to experiment and appreciate variety in sex.

Don't tease or ridicule Venus in Cancer people personally. These people are super sensitive. The men love their women to wear feminine clothes. They want a lover/partner who makes them feel secure and at home. Never forget their birthdays, anniversaries or other important personal days. They are basically insecure and afraid of rejection. Most men with Venus in Cancer are attracted to women with large breasts. Most of the women enjoy their breasts gently kissed, and fondled.

Always be on friendly terms with their families. Even if they criticize their family members, make sure you don't join in on it. It's ok for Venus in Cancer people to complain about their families, but not for outsiders. It is best to say nothing. These people enjoy deep soul kissing. Never talk about former lovers, as this makes them feel insecure. They need to be frequently told they are loved. Hold their hands, cuddle them, and touch them regularly. The men like their women with a maternal, nurturing quality. Career driven, strong independent women turn them off. Like with Venus in Taurus, feed them a full home cooked meal with the food they loved as a child; the food of their own country. Good food is love to these people.

Flattery will get you everywhere with these people, but make sure it is sincere, as they can detect phoniness. Laugh at their jokes, and compliment them, but sincere. They must always have your full attention. They cannot tolerate being second in your life or your putting the needs of others [even family] before them. Let them know how much you love them and enjoy them, even if they don't seem real interested in you. Never be cheap or stingy when giving them gifts. They enjoy massages. Dote on them and love them. Venus in Leo people are romantic. Always be at your best in the way of proper dress, good manners, and actions when you are with other people, as Venus in Leo people need to take pride in their partners. Never do anything disgraceful or anything that would make them look bad.

Always be clean! Always be freshly bathed before you have sex with these people. Brush your teeth, and make sure to use decent mouthwash! Smell freshly clean, and by this, don't use tons of perfume or cologne. Just don't ever smell bad or lack hygiene, which is a total turn off to them. Venus in Virgo people usually single one person out and will concentrate on that one person whether they are available or not. These people normally don't date just for fun, but only if sincerely interested.

Some have unusual fetishes and are attracted to lovers with poor health or physical problems. Their fantasies have intricate details. Sex is seen as essential for physical health. They are very selective in regards to whom they give their love. Emotional security is important for their relationships. They are not are not very romantic. They show love in the way of doing things for you, taking care of your needs and in other practical ways. It is important to have good manners.

Always be very well mannered. Don't use bad language, don't be overly loud, don't interrupt, or be crude in any way. Always be refined. These people hate to be alone and relationships are of extreme importance to them. Their lives are incomplete without a lover. They are very considerate lovers, putting their lovers' needs above their own and they usually treat their partners very well. Never leave them out of any activity or any thing else, they need to be a part and to do everything together. Leaving them out only will make them feel unwanted and rejected.

A lover/ partner can be physically unattractive, but he/she will be beautiful to the person with Venus in Libra. The men like their women to act like a perfect lady. The strong independent type of woman who is completely self-sufficient is a turn off to them. Both sexes take pride in their personal appearance and will go to great lengths to look good.

Both sexes enjoy having their buttocks caressed. Venus in Libra is romantic in the extreme. A lover's sexual pleasure is of the utmost importance to them. They are overly concerned whether you have a good orgasm and enjoy sex with them.

These people can have some pretty nasty fetishes. they are strongly sexual, possessive and jealous. They enjoy having sex in the nude. They can go for a long time between affairs, as they take love very seriously and it is all or nothing with them. They can be loners. Never talk about their sex life, their secrets, or their personal lives to others; this will really turn them off. They are secretive by nature and any betrayal of trust is unforgivable. Loyalty is of exceptional importance to them and they mate for life. Their feelings run deep, they desire the perfect soul mate; a soul to soul deep, intense love relationship, especially if the chart has other water signs to back this up. They can become obsessed with a lover.

Both sexes enjoy oral sex. The genitals are the erogenous zones and special attention to these will get you everywhere with one who has Venus in Scorpio. Become an adept at oral sex and you can be sure to own them. Take the Scorpio man into the shower and give him a soap job. They love the water and sexual massage.

These people can become violent and vindictive if a relationship is broken off, so use caution in this area. Don't ever joke with or toy with their jealous natures, as they can become explosive and violent. Venus in Scorpio is obsessive, especially in love. Their jealousy can be very dangerous, even deadly. They may successfully hide their jealousy, especially with a twelfth house Mars or Mars retrograde, but it is always there. If there is a predominance of water signs, Pluto/Venus aspects or a strong Scorpio emphasis in the chart, no amount of love is enough love for these people. Like the saying goes..."If you could get any'd be in back of me." "I love you to death."

Sex out of doors can be a thrilling experience and a turn on for them. Their personal freedom is important to them. They dislike possessiveness and displays of jealousy. They are brutally honest, and do not like lies or any phoniness. They will respect you for your honesty. They take romance lightly and love to flirt.
Kiss and massage the inner areas of their thighs, near the genitals. They get bored easily and are often the first to try a new position or method of sexual intercourse. The men often have a fetish for legs and buttocks. They like their women to wear stockings and high heels during sex. They like to have their loved ones think and believe the same as they do and will try to convert you.

Don't show physical affection in public, they don't like it. Never grab them in front of business associates or social acquaintances, but in private, don't keep your hands off of them. Personal power and status turn them on big time. They may try to buy you in some way. These people are cautious, practical and traditional in their love relationships. They are not very quick to make a commitment.

They may appear to be uninterested, but chances are that they are really very shy. Capricorn is the sign of endurance and most of the men have tremendous staying power. Venus in Capricorn is persistent and when they are interested in you, they will never give up pursuing you until they have won you over. Security is very important to them in their relationships. Some can tend towards being dominant and sadistic and to certain perversions where sex is concerned. Any woman who teases a Venus in Capricorn man is likely to get raped.

These people are not especially passionate, as Aquarius is an intellectual air sign. They prefer to be cool. They get bored easily so try to be spontaneous. They like spur of the moment romance and the unexpected. Sex in public places where there is risk of being caught appeals to many of these people. They enjoy pairing up with someone from an entirely different background/status/religion, etc., as long as this person is entirely different, individual, and original. Venus in Aquarius could care less what others think. They enjoy shocking others.

Never try to dominate or control these people, as they need lots of space and personal freedom in a love relationship. Be a friend to them as well as a lover. The women are independent, value individuality and refuse to be dominated by men. Both sexes value intelligence, independence, and nonconformity in their partners. Venus in Aquarius can be cold in their love relationships.

These people like to date for the fun of it. They are forever looking for the ideal perfect lover and nothing less will do. They do a lot of lying to themselves, and are extremely sensitive, emotional and romantic. They desire the perfect soul mate, a spiritual union where they can merge completely with their loved one, soul to soul.

They are sympathetic and compassionate, unless the Sun is in Aries, which can offset this. They are taken in ay any sob story and often try to play savior to drug addicts, people into self-destruction, and others who are professional victims and who refuse to help themselves. Venus in Pisces can be very self-sacrificing in love. They need to feel needed. Men with this position are often attracted to women who are feminine, fragile, sensitive, and delicate. Always tell them you love them and mean it, or they will feel hurt, sulk, and become uncommunicative. They have a streak of masochism and can sacrifice much for love.


1st house
These people are often physically attractive, with a strong aura of charisma and charm. They dress stylishly and attractively. They are by nature sociable, well mannered, and artistic. They dislike confrontations and are diplomatic.

2nd house
Money spent on art, cosmetics and/or other things of beauty. These people are attracted to the finer things and luxuries. Many have a hard time saving or holding onto any money. Money can be acquired through art. Venus in the second house is a frequent position for artists who earn their living through their works. The women are extravagant and the men can spend too much money entertaining women. There is a pronounced love of money and the things it can buy.

3rd house
People with this placement have a talent for poetry and can write beautiful letters. They verbally express themselves in a very pleasing manner, and many have a talent for writing. As a rule, these people dislike loud, crude behavior and communications. Foul language can be a turn-off for them. A sibling may have a strong Taurus/Libra emphasis in his/her chart, and/or a prominent Venus. Relations with siblings are usually pleasant, unless Venus is in hard aspect to a malefic or on a bad degree.

4th house
There is often a strong emotional attachment to the home and domestic scene. These people decorate their homes and like for them to be places of comfort and beauty. Friends and lovers are entertained in the home. The mother may have a strong Taurus/Libra, emphasis in her chart and/or a prominent Venus. These people must have harmonious surroundings in their home lives. A discordant, stressful, hostile home life is very harmful to them. They have a strong need for security in their living situation. This placement indicates a comfortable environment and situation towards the end of life.

5th house
People with this placement are very romantic by nature, and love is very important for their emotional and psychological wellbeing. Venus in the fifth gives creative and artistic talent along with good taste. One's first-born child may have a strong Taurus/Libra emphasis, and/or a prominent Venus in his/her. These people are generally popular and well liked, and have a deep love of children. One's children are likely to be beautiful and talented.

6th house
One's work can involve the arts in some way, such as theatre, painting, sculpting, drawing, cosmetology and/or music. Other possibilities with this placement include working in health, recreation and/or the fitness industries. The health is generally not robust, but can improve with age. There is a potential for problems involving the throat and neck, and eating too many rich foods and sweets can cause health problems for these people. Venus in the sixth house is common for being married to a co-worker, or meeting a lover/partner through work. Venus in the sixth makes for pleasant working conditions unless other factors in the chart contradict this.

7th house
People within this placement need to have a significant and secure love relationship/marriage in order to be happy and fulfilled. They would rather work with others than work alone. They dislike being alone, and are social by nature. As a rule, they dislike any open confrontations and desire peaceful relations with others. People with this placement often out the needs of others before their own; they are considerate, sensitive, and caring. The marriage partner can have a strong Taurus/Libra emphasis in his/her chart and/or a prominent Venus. This placement can bring a happy, pleasant marriage, unless other factors contradict this. Venus in the seventh is good for those who deal with the public, and success can come from the assistance and good will of others.

8th house
People who have Venus in the eighth house have deep, intense emotions, a jealous nature, and are highly sexual. These people desire deep soul-to-soul love relationships. Financial gain along with a gain in social status can come through marriage, or inheritance. When one does, the death is often peaceful unless other factors in the chart contradict this.

9th house
There is often travel for pleasure, a love of philosophy, culture, religion, and education. Marriage partners can be met in foreign countries or come from a completely different background and culture. These people try to convert their loved ones to their own beliefs. This placement also gives a talent for and a love of writing and teaching. There is a strong sense of justice and fairness. Venus in the ninth often brings profitable, harmonious relationships with in-laws. There is much appreciation of art and music.

10th house
As with Venus in the sixth house, the career can involve the arts, entertainment, theatre, painting, sculpting, drawing, cosmetology and/or music, and working with beauty in some way. This placement brings good relations with and friendships of those in power, and a pleasant working environment. Ones father may have a strong Taurus/Libra emphasis in his chart, and/or a prominent Venus. Unless other factors in the chart contradict, these people enjoy being before the public.

11th house
There can be friends of the opposite sex, and lovers/partners are often met through group activities and associations. One's lovers must also be friends and a marriage relationship often started out as a friendship. Friends can be artists or musicians, or people who work with beauty in some way. Group and team relationships, as well as friendships are often friendly and harmonious. These people are social and enjoy belonging to a group and/or being part of a team.

12th house
These people are prone to having secret love affairs. There is often shyness, loneliness, and problems in love. They have a compassionate and very sensitive nature. Partners on both sides can threaten suicide if relationship is broken off in some cases. When the love life is unsatisfactory, these people often withdraw into their own private worlds. They desire the perfect soul mate. In many cases, this placement can bring extraordinary creativity, musical and artistic talent.


These people often have intense emotions and a passionate nature. They are 'all or nothing' in their attitudes, and either love something or hate it, with no in-between. They can be very demanding in their love lives, insisting that their lover give them plenty of attention. This aspect, unless it is trine or sextile does not make for a smooth love relationship. If there were bad relations with the parent of the opposite sex when these people were growing up, this can affect the partners one attracts for worse. In some cases, especially with the hard aspects, there can be physical violence in one's relationships. If other factors in the chart support these tendencies, one can have crude behavior, especially with the hard aspects.

A Venus/Jupiter conjunction brings fortune to the affairs ruled by whatever house it is found. These people are charming, well liked, self indulgent, loving, sociable, and optimistic by nature. This is a good aspect to have, as others will be of help in the life. This aspect does not make for much self-discipline, as it tends to laziness and a love of luxury and comfort. People with strong Venus/Jupiter aspects can be overweight because of too much eating. They are usually very loving people.

These people have inhibited emotions, which they usually keep in check. They can appear to be very aloof, cold, and reserved. In many cases, one or both parents were hard and/or unloving. There is often shyness, along with misfortune in love and sometimes poverty. People with Venus in aspect to Saturn will often remain in a bad relationship out of duty. They can feel they are unworthy of love and happiness. They may find it difficult to lighten up and have fun, especially if Saturn is in Leo.

These people are independent and need freedom in their love relationships. They are attracted to the unusual in their choice of partners and also enjoy experimenting sexually. Relationships can begin and end very suddenly and without warning. This aspect does not make for smooth or stable relationships. They are often attracted to those who are different, original, and unique.

This is the creative aspect par excellence, and is often found in the charts of composers, musicians, artists of all kinds and those who have exceptional creative talents. These people are extremely sensitive with very rich imaginations and are idealists by nature. They long for the perfect lover and are highly romantic. Anything extremely unpleasant or ugly can affect them deeply and leave a lasting negative impression. They are perfectionists in their love lives, seeing their lover as perfect, and this often causes them disappointment when the lover does not live up to their expectations. They are prone to fantasy, which usually revolves around romance. They are compassionate and can be self-sacrificing. In some cases, one with this placement can fall in love with someone who is not available or unobtainable, such as a film star, or famous musician.

This aspect can bring trouble. The nature is often obsessive, and the emotions are very powerful, intense and with the hard aspects in tight orb, can even be out of control. These people can never get enough love. When they fall in love, they often lose control of their emotions. This is the aspect of 'fatal attractions.' If the love is unrequited, an unhealthy obsession can develop. In some cases, intense love can turn into intense hatred. These people are jealous, possessive, and controlling. They can be stifling and should never get involved with freedom loving signs. They desire total possession of their beloved. When this aspect is activated by a transit or through progression or worse, with one's Venus making an aspect by progression to the Pluto of the one who has this aspect, fatal attractions often occur.


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