Uranus: Signs, Houses and Aspects


Uranus is a generational planet. The slower moving planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, when in the signs are generational in that they influence entire generations of people, rather than being more personal and individual. Their personal influences are in the houses they occupy, not as much in the signs, unless Uranus is the chart ruler or co-ruler and/or is conjunct an angle, and is interpreted a bit differently.


The Uranus in Aries generation brings new knowledge regarding science, industry, technology, the military, and advancements in research; is pioneering in the sciences and the technologies, and works to make improvements and introduce new ways of doing things in these areas. Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Alva Edison were both born with Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries people also bring about changes in the military, in combat techniques and with weapons. This generation, as a whole, often makes a break from the past in some way. Uranus in Aries unleashes free aggression. I have noted that many of those of the generations born with this placement are often involved in a major war. Those born in the years 1573-1600; the Thirty Years War broke out in 1618, when those born with Uranus in Aries became adults. Many of those who were born 1759 -1767; their lives were directly affected by the US Revolutionary War in the States, and the French Revolution [1789-1799] in Europe. Those born in the years 1843-1850 were affected by the US Civil War [1861-1865], and those born 1927-1934 were directly affected by World War II.

What I have noted from this placement is that the generations that have Uranus in Taurus grew up in the aftermath of major economic upheavals, such as World War II, and after the Declaration of Independence. Many families moved to the new USA, and this changed their finances and also their roots [Taurus], following the establishment of the new country. Again, for those born when Uranus was again in Taurus 1850 ' 1858, the US Civil War created economic upheaval and this generation born right before that time grew up in the aftermath. When the generation with Uranus in Taurus reaches adulthood, they work to make changes in regards to finances that often replace the established ways of running the economy. When Uranus is in Taurus, there are often issues in regards to property and land. Uranus was in Taurus 1600 ' 1607 and this generation made many advances in establishing colonies in the 'New World.' Uranus is the planet of upheavals and changes and when this planet transits Taurus, there are changes regarding property, land, and finances. The generations that have this placement, often become involved in these issues. People with Uranus in Taurus value financial independence.

This generation often changes the established ways of thinking and communicating. This generation values free thought. With new colonies being established in the Americas in the early 17th century, this changed communications, making for a longer distance. New information and ideas also came from the Americas during this period. Those born 1858 -1866 were the first to have access to the newly invented phonograph and telephone, as adults. There is originality in the ways of thinking and with ideas. The 1941 -1948 generation manifested in the hippie movement along with other groups who were in opposition with the established ways of thinking.

This generation, many of which were hippies, lived in communes. Uranus in Cancer brings untraditional ideas regarding the family and home life. These people often break from and resent parental authority and authority in general. The influence of Uranus in Cancer can also bring breaks and separation within families. Many people moved to the Americas from all parts of the world, leaving their families behind in other countries.

This generation values freedom regarding love and sex; also the freedom to have children without having to be married. Uranus in Leo changes the traditional ideas and morals. New genres and changes regarding theatre, the arts, and creativity manifest.

This generation produces new and alternative methods of healing and medicine. There is often more awareness involving the health of the community, dietary habits, and new methods of exercise and healthy living. New remedies and cures are often discovered by members of this generation. Those born 1961-1968 brought in the health club industry and an awareness of the need for physical exercise with attention to diet and health.

There is a strong need for freedom in relationships. This generation makes changes in regards to the established customs of marriage and formal relationships, also in regards to social equality and the law.

This generation brings new knowledge along with an awareness of the spiritual and the occult. Conspiracies and other long kept secrets are often brought to light and exposed. This placement gives a strong interest in psychology and the workings of the mind. This generation is revolutionary in transforming the world. Many with Uranus in Scorpio 1723-1730 were directly involved in planning and fighting in the American Revolution. Many of the leaders of countries directly involved in fighting World War II were born in the years 1890-1897.

Unconventional ideas and religious beliefs. This generation breaks away from traditional and orthodox religious beliefs, and brings changes in these areas, replacing dogma with spirituality. Those who have Uranus in Sagittarius prominently placed in their charts are often pioneers in the field of travel, such as astronauts, and explorers. These people value religious freedom and free thought.

These people will bring about important changes in established government and business power structures. Uranus in Capricorn overthrows rigid power structures.

This generation brings changes that advance humanity. Uranus in Aquarius overcomes restrictions and brings new ideas regarding technology, science, space travel, and inventions. Independence and freedom.

There are often new ideas where mysticism is concerned, and this generation produces innovators of new art and music forms. These people are often idealists.


First house
The personality is often unusual, even eccentric ion some way. These people are freedom loving, and rebellious. There can be sudden or drastic events in the life that are unexpected. Uranus in the first house is highly individualistic, often with scientific and intuitive ability. Friendships are important to these people and there is often a desire for positions of leadership in groups/organizations. There is often an involvement with the new, the untried and with new inventions. A strong interest in the future.

Second house
Unsettled finances. Money can come and go unexpectedly. People with this placement often have unusual talents and methods for making money. Money can be made through inventions, electronics, and scientific endeavors. The values are unconventional. Uranus in the second house likes to spend money on computer software, electronics, scientific gadgets designed for the future, and things that are unique, odd, and/or unusual. Money is often spent on friends, and/or groups, organizations, humanitarian causes, and associations.

Third house
This placement is very common with free thought and originality in thinking. Uranus in the third house is common in the charts of those without any siblings. There can also be a separation from one's siblings. Uranus in this house can give superior intellect or produce a genius. Feelings of alienation during the school years are common with this position. People who write about astrology, spirituality and the occult often have Uranus in the third house.

Fourth house
There can be frequent and/or sudden unexpected changes of residence, and changes within the family throughout the lives of those with this placement. The mother may be unusual in some way. Separation from the mother can occur in early childhood, often through parental divorce. Close friends can be regarded as family and friends may even come to live with the families of these people. People with this placement need freedom in their domestic environments and do not tolerate interference from family members in their personal lives. The mother may have a strong Uranus and/or Aquarius emphasis in her chart.

Fifth house
This placement is frequently found in the charts of many rock stars and musicians. Uranus here gives original, creative, unique creative ability. Gambling can bring drastic changes for better or worse. Their children can be exceptional in some way, often geniuses. Uranus in the fifth house makes for those who are more friends than authority figures to their children, of whom they allow much freedom. One's child may have a strong Uranus and/or Aquarius emphasis in his/her chart.

Sixth house
This placement is excellent for those who work with computers, advanced technology, electronic engineering, those who are technicians, work involving mathematics, and in the charts of inventors. Freedom is needed in the work environment. There can be sudden changes on the job or with the job. One may also change his/her job or line of work frequently. In same cases, there is a hatred of traditional work. Health problems can erupt unexpectedly and disappear just as quickly. Uranus in the sixth is common with self-employment and is often seen in the charts of professional astrologers and psychics.

Seventh house
Relationships begin and end suddenly and unexpectedly. Often, there is divorce. Those with this placement have a great need for freedom in their relationships. The partner may have a prominent Uranus and/or Aquarius emphasis in his/her chart. There is a need for the partner to be a fried as well as a lover for these people. The partner may be very individualistic, unique; even eccentric in some way and in rare cases may be a genius.

Eighth house
Death comes suddenly or under unusual circumstances, usually through an accident; unexpectedly. There can be sudden changes in one's finances, such as an unexpected inheritance or some other drastic change concerning money coming from sources other than one's income. Freedom is needed in sexual relationships. There can be unusual fetishes or a desire to experiment sexually. This placement often gives a strong interest in the occult, spirituality, life after death, along with a natural talent in having psychic and intuitive abilities.

Ninth house
These people need freedom regarding their beliefs. Spiritual and religious beliefs are often very unconventional and very contrary to what they were brought up to believe. There is often an interest in astrology and in metaphysics. Uranus in the ninth house rebels against religious dogma, and restrictions. Spirituality should be open and free. As with Uranus in the third house, this placement can be in the charts of geniuses. These people often bring new insights into educational concepts. They may travel suddenly. Far away places that are exotic or very unusual in some way often attract them. There is a gift for spotting future trends. Higher education, as with attending a university can end suddenly or unexpectedly, being cut short and incomplete due to circumstances.

Tenth house
The career may involve working with electronics, technology, computers, and/or new inventions. As with Uranus in the sixth, Uranus in the tenth is often seen in the chart of inventors, astrologers, psychics and those who work with the spiritual and the occult. As a rule, these people dislike authority and rebel against restrictions, especially in the work environment and in relation to the career. They often work at their best when they are self-employed. There can be drastic and unexpected changes that affect the career and life's direction. Those with this placement may be involved in humanitarian projects.

Eleventh house
Those with this placement often have an interest in advancing and bettering humanity. Friends can have a prominent Uranus, and/or Aquarius in their charts, and/or be very unique or unusual in some way. The friends of these people often do not conform and can be rebels in some way. Friendships and involvement in groups that have a common interest are usually of importance in the lives of people who have this placement. There can be sudden and drastic changes in one's goals. Friendships may begin and end suddenly.

Twelfth house
Uranus in the twelfth house gives highly developed intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. Those with this placement are often very psychic, and have flashes of intuition that can come when they are awake or during dreams. There can be direct involvement with secret organizations. These people can be prone to insomnia and/or sleep at odd hours. In some cases, there can be clandestine/illegal activities with friends, groups, or organizations.

*These are generational influences, unless Uranus is the ruler or co-ruler in the chart and/or prominently placed.

Many of the hippie generation who experimented with psychedelic drugs were born during a Uranus/Neptune square. This generation also brought about an interest in meditation and altered states of consciousness. There can be unexpected reactions to drugs, as Neptune rules drugs of all kinds, allergies, and sensitivities. This generation also brought public interest in the occult, astrology and other spiritual disciplines.

Those born with Uranus/Pluto aspects, especially the hard aspects are often directly affected by powerful influences, such as government, atomic warfare, and nuclear technology. There is an awareness of deadly technology and its possible consequences. Many people who were caught up in World War II had Uranus in square aspect to Pluto.


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