Transiting Pluto

Pluto, in prediction, is a neutral planet. Transiting Pluto brings major, life altering change, for better or worse, depending upon the other transiting planets and the life patterns in the birth chart. Pluto is neither positive nor negative. The changes resulting from a Pluto transit are permanent.

Pluto rules intensity and obsession. When it contacts natal planets by transit, it sometimes intensifies them, especially in the case of Venus, where it can cause deep, obsessive love. The Venus/Pluto contacts are the bringers of fatal attractions where the love is one sided.


To the natal Sun-
When Pluto contacts the Sun, there are changes in one's self image. This transit often brings one into contact with his/her own power. The Sun rules the male partner in a woman's chart, the Father, the male boss, men who are seen as authority, and children, especially male. These changes can affect these male figures in one's personal life. For example, rarely, there can be death of the father. The house cusp(s) with the sign of Leo (see) are areas there is likely to be major change. The house that contains the Sun can also be affected. Look to the house where Pluto is making the transit from, for clues to where the changes will take place.

To the natal Moon-
Domestic change. Moving house, someone being born, someone dying, someone leaving, someone coming to live in the same house. or changes that affect one's family members and home. Look to other planetary transits to determine whether this change is positive or negative. Transiting Pluto aspecting the Moon from the 5th house, often signifies a birth. Pluto aspecting from the 8th, often a death.

To the natal Mercury-
Often a period of intense learning and mental activity. One will go through changes in one's views. During this transit, one may transform one's self through intense learning, either formal or informal. Meditation and other psychic exercises will act to transform the mind at this time. Also look to the house cusps with Gemini and Virgo; the house containing the natal Mercury and the house where transiting Pluto is making the aspects from. One may become obsessed with a subject.

To the natal Venus-
This transit usually incites deep, intense love. This love can descend into obsession, especially if one sided. There can be a painful quality to the love. Emotions can be out of one's control. There can be changes in regards to finances, as Venus rules money and material possessions. Check house cusps that have Taurus and Libra, the house containing Venus and the house where Pluto is making the transit from.

To the natal Mars-
This is a good transit for increasing one's self confidence and self esteem. During this time, one feels more in control and in some cases, receives outstanding recognition of some sort. People undergoing this transit, often find themselves more competitive, aggressive, determined, and intense. One often has more physical stamina and can devote him/herself entirely and intensively in a selected project. The project can become an obsession and much work can get done. Check the houses with Aries on the cusp(s); the house containing Mars and the house Pluto is transiting from for areas where possible additional changes will occur.

To the natal Jupiter-
Changes in one's religious beliefs, philosophies and views. With the conjunction, square, and opposition, these can be drastic. With the trine and sextile, one's beliefs can be deepened and strengthened. Check the house(s) with Sagittarius on the cusp, the house containing Jupiter and the house Pluto is making the transit from.

To the natal Saturn-
There may be changes in one's foundation beliefs. One's concept of reality may go through permanent changes. Enlightenment can be in the form of upheaval. This transit usually affects the affairs of the house(s) that has Capricorn on the cusp and the house containing Saturn. Saturn also rules old people and there may be changes in regards to them if one has any that are within one's personal circle. Look to the house where Pluto is making the transit from.

To the natal Uranus, Neptune and Pluto-
I have found when transiting Pluto contacts these natal planets, the affairs that undergo change are within the house cusps that contain the signs that they rule. Aquarius, for Uranus, Pisces, for Neptune and Scorpio for Pluto aspecting itself. With Uranus, in rare cases, there may be some change connected to one's freedom or lack of; Neptune, drugs, music, art, alcohol, Pluto to itself is a generational influence. Affairs with the house with Scorpio on the cusp can undergo changes.

To the chart ruler-
In addition to the above, there will be major, permanent personal changes. Look to the house where transiting Pluto is in to see what areas of one's life they will affect.

To the ruler of the 2nd house- financial, or material changes.
To the ruler of the 3rd house- changes in thinking, brothers/sisters, relatives, neighbors
To the ruler of the 4th house- changes in home, family, the mother
To the ruler of the 5th house- changes in regards to children; a birth, changes in regards to athletics or creative projects.
To the ruler of the 6th house- changes in health and/or work
To the ruler of the 7th house- marriage, divorce, sometimes legal issues, changes in regards to partnership.
To the ruler of the 8th house- changes in joint finances, debts, sex.
To the ruler of the 9th house- beginning or ending higher (university) education, possible long distance immigration, possible changes in religious beliefs/philosophies.
To the ruler of the 10th house- career changes
To the ruler of the 11th house- permanently joining a group or organization, permanent friendships or breaking up with the above mentioned. Permanent changes in goals.
To the ruler of the 12th house- changes in consciousness, in rare cases, imprisonment or incarceration. Good time for occult studies, spiritual understanding, meditation and healing.


Pluto crosses the Ascendant-
There will be major changes. A long distance move, changes in relationships, a career break, attainment of power/position. One's life will never be the same again.

Pluto through the first house- Pluto remains in this house anywhere from 12- 31 years. During this time, drastic changes in self can occur. Physical changes such as weight loss, self-improvement, obsession with one's self and goals, personal accomplishments. This transit is usually positive, but in rare cases, the life altering changes can be for the worst.

Pluto through the second house- obtaining money and material possessions can become an all out obsession, there can be drastic changes in these areas. Winning large amounts of money, or major losses can occur. An overwhelming need for security, usually financial.

Pluto through the third house- emphasis on communication, neighbors, brothers/sisters, the immediate community and environment. Computers, short distance travel, writing. Thinking can become more intense. Meditation, contemplation, obsession with obtaining knowledge, deeper relationships with siblings. Obsession with making a difference in the community or environment.

When Pluto crosses the IC, there will be changes in regards to the home and family. Long distance moves and changes of residence are common. If other factors in the chart support it, there can be marriage. There can be divorce, illness, death in the family, but in most cases, a move of residence. Career changes are also possible.

Pluto through the fourth house- Major repairs of home and property, family ties may either be deepened or broken, people coming to live in your home and/or people leaving. Changes within the family, elders, the mother, in very rare cases, death, as this is a house of endings. Changes in regards to property being bought/sold.

Pluto through the fifth house- Pluto here often signifies the birth of children, especially when other planets are contacted. Obsession with working out, athletics, exercise. Intense creative projects, passionate love affairs. Gambling at this time can become an addiction. In very rare cases, winning at gambling. A strong need for recognition. Sometimes one sided love obsessions occur.

Pluto through the sixth house- One's health can regenerate, and there can be healing. Changes in diet, care of one's body. Intense work situations where you work your ass off, usually physical labor. Changes in employment, career. This is a good time for healing. There can be workaholic tendencies. In rare cases, diseases and negative changes in health.

Pluto crosses the Descendant- Changes in relationships. If one is married, often death of the spouse or divorce. If one is single, there can be meeting with one's soul mate; an all consuming union.

Pluto through the seventh house- Partnerships of all kinds go through major changes and are never the same. In new love relationships, there will be extreme depth of feeling. There can also be significant legal issues. Others will exert strong influences and incite personal changes in the person whose 7th house is being transited by Pluto. Attractions to dominating, strong secretive types, those in positions of power. There can be partnerships formed, business alliances or love/sexual associations with people in positions of power. Sometimes these will be kept secret.

Pluto through the eighth house- changes in debt, joint finances. Filing bankruptcy. Obsession with the mysteries of death, the occult and supernatural. In rare cases, death. Legacies and major changes of all sorts can occur with Pluto transiting the eighth. Obsession with fetishes and intense sexuality.

Pluto through the ninth house- Changes in religious beliefs, fanaticism in beliefs, long distance travel or immigration, This is a good time for learning and education. At this time, one can attract powerful teachers for better or worse. There may be changes in regards to in-laws or the partner's relatives. This transit signifies intense involvement with religion, other cultures, metaphysics, philosophy, education, and the law. Also, a second marriage is possible, as the 9th rules the second major relationship (marriage).

Pluto crosses the Midheaven- Career and major life changes in regards to one's standing and status, for better or worse.

Pluto through the tenth house- Career changes, obsession with getting ahead and power. There may be changes in regards to the father. Workaholic tendencies and strong ambitions. There is a possibility for fame, coming before the public, special recognition and honors. One may at this time be appointed to a position of power.

Pluto through the eleventh house- changes in regards to friends, goals, and groups. One may at this time, join a group, or organization permanently. Powerful and influential friends may enter into one's life at this time. Obsession with goals and ambitions. One may also be placed in a position of power in a group or organization. Friendships will begin and others will end under this transit.

Pluto through the twelfth house- This transit can either be for better or worse. At worst, powerful and deadly enemies can enter into one's life, long term incarceration and imprisonment, diseases that are long lasting and/or permanent, isolation. The person, at this time, may have an intense desire to be alone, or this can be forced upon one, through circumstances. There can be restriction and confinement, mentally or physically.

In sublimating this energy, meditation, metaphysical pursuits, psychic empowerment exercises and other forms of occult study application should be consistently worked on. This is a good time to develop intuitive powers and psychic energy.

Secrets at this time are of unusual importance. One may be involved in research, or some kind of secret activities.


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