Satanic Telepathic Communication

Father Satan showed me this technique.

To open telepathic communication between two people:

1. Open your third eye (you should have already performed the opening of the third eye foundation exercise).
To open your third eye, visualize a bright light about the size of a quarter, shining like the sun. This will activate your third eye.

2. Visualize the face of the person whom you wish to communicate with and open their third eye by visualizing it brightening, the same as you did with your own. In some cases, those who do not have their third eye open may be able to receive your messsages, but for best results, both people should be fully open.

3. Extend your third eye serpent.
To extend the third eye serpent, visualize a bright thin tube-like extension projecting from your third eye.

4. Connect your serpent to the third eye of the one whom you wish to communicate with, brightening both third eyes with energy as well as the tube.

Telepathic communication should be established. Talk as you would in communicating with Demons. The other person should hear you and respond. This is not for newbies. You should already be experienced with communicating with Demons and able to discern real messages and communication from astral deception.


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