Saturn: Its Signs, Houses, and Aspects

Saturn is the misfortune in our charts and where we experience suffering, loss, misery and problems in life.



People with Saturn in Aries have trouble asserting themselves and can have a pessimistic, timid nature. Many times, they tend to hold their anger inside. They can be overly cautious and afraid to take any chances. Other planets in Aries [especially if not in conjunction with the Saturn], a strongly placed Mars and Jupiter can offset these tendencies. This placement can give a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Unless other factors in the chart contradict this, Saturn in Aries can sap one's vitality and energy. Quite often, the first half of the life is more difficult than the later years.

Most often, there are issues in the life revolving around material possessions and money; more so than with the average person. Poverty can affect these people deeply and leave lasting scars, to where even if they secure a comfortable income later in life, they may still be very greedy, cheap, and hoarding in regards to money. Those who grew up in poverty may always feel inferior to others who have more means financially. There can be an obsession with money and wealth. Most people with this placement must work very hard to obtain any financial security in life. In rare cases, especially if Neptune is prominent, there can be a total renunciation of anything material. To the other extreme, there are children of extreme wealth who have this placement and are the ones who were more than likely bought by their parents in the way of being indulged with money and material possessions, but shown little if any personal attention and love. There can be marked selfish tendencies and an unwillingness to share anything with others.

People with this placement often feel inferior to others intellectually, and they often fear being thought of as stupid. In some cases, they can be on the slow side where intelligence is concerned, and/or there can be a lack of education. Problems in communicating are also common with Saturn in Gemini. There can be learning disabilities, dyslexia, problems with speaking, writing and in rare cases, afflictions involving the physical senses such as speech impediments, and defective hearing and/or eyesight, or with one's hands. There can also be problems with siblings.

The home life with those who have Saturn in Cancer is often very unsettled. Many people with this placement move residence frequently throughout their lives. There can be excessive responsibilities and demands regarding the family. These can range in anything from heavy financial burdens to caring for family members who are unable to care for themselves. Major issues in the life revolve around the home and family. Security and stability can be very elusive, with fate always creating circumstances where upsetting changes occur that prevent any permanence in establishing a happy, secure and settled home life.

These people can be overly serious. They are often workaholics who have very little fun in life. "All work and no play." They can have unreasonably high expectations of both themselves and of others. Quite often, there are problems involving children. In some cases, people with this placement do not have any children. Saturn in Leo can be too overbearing, strict and even abusive as a parent. There can also be other problems involving children such as being a non-custodial parent, or having heavy responsibilities regarding children. The sense of humor is often lacking, unless there are other factors in the chart that offset this. These people are often overly responsible, and in some cases, can feel they are unlovable.

Many people with Saturn in Virgo have life long health problems. Frail health is common in childhood and can result in low self-esteem. Health problems are often chronic, can be severe and in some cases, even disabling. They can be overly critical of both themselves and of others. There are often problems involving work, such as periods of unemployment, working beneath one's abilities or other issues.

This placement produces more single/unmarried people than any other. There is nearly always hard luck involving the love life. Saturn often brings the wrong partners; those who are abusive and downright rotten into these people's lives. In some cases, if there is a true and deep love, circumstances can intervene and destroy this through death, forced separation or other drastic interference. Some people with this placement may have a physical problem or handicap that prevents them from forming any love relationships. Family responsibilities can prevent one with Saturn in Libra from entering into a marriage relationship, and/or overly domineering parents can also interfere, preventing any love in the life. The first love relationship is often the worst. There may be unrequited love and heartbreak.

There are often major issues in one way or another that involve debts, taxes, and finances. These people may resist changes and as a result, try to hold onto and control everything and everyone in their life in order to create a sense of security. In some cases, there can be prudishness, sexual inhibitions, and sexual rigidity with this placement. There can be problems with overdoing things and/or with compulsive behavior.

Issues in the life can revolve around dogma or religious beliefs. In some cases, Saturn in Sagittarius is fed up with dogma to the point of rejecting anything spiritual and will only believe something given material proof. Parents, family and others can be unsupportive and even hostile with those who have this placement in regards to spiritual beliefs. Saturn in Sagittarius is often seen in the charts of college professors and those who work at universities and other places of education. People who have this placement often travel, but problems can be encountered in foreign lands. These people are better off in developing their own sense of morals and spiritual beliefs, rather than trying to make sense of the dogma of others. Personal freedom is very important to them and they do not like to feel controlled or tied down to anything.

Professional success often comes after much hard work and personal effort. These people can be workaholics, and some may even feel more comfortable at work than at home. They excel in planning and organization. Preferring to remain in the background, they are reserved and cautious, sticking to the tried and true. This placement gives plenty of endurance. Security is important to them and they have a practical nature. They are dependable, reliable, and responsible as a rule. They care about their personal reputations and the impressions they make upon others. This placement gives a talent for business.

These people, especially as they get older in life may become loners by choice. The emotional nature with this placement can be cool, detached, and controlled, unless there is a strong Scorpio emphasis in the chart. In some cases, there can be heavy responsibilities involving groups and organizations. In the early years, friends may have let these people down and later in life; they feel they work best when they work alone. Issues in the life can revolve around personal liberties and freedom. People with this placement can let their friends down or just not be there for them.

These people can have a self-destructive tendency. They often put the needs of others before their own. They also do the work of others for them, especially when others are not doing their jobs; taking all kinds of abuse. There can be problems with the feet. This placement gives a strong tendency towards perfectionism and self-criticism.


1st house
Saturn in the first house often gives a serious nature to the personality, along with a shy disposition, unless other factors in the chart offset this. There can be problems with the physical self in some way. These people are hard working and they take responsibility very seriously. During childhood, there was often hardship and many with this placement were forced to grow up too quickly. The affairs of the house with Capricorn on the cusp will more than likely be a strong focus in the life. Saturn in the first house gives a strong sense of endurance and self-discipline.

2nd house
Issues in the life revolve around money, material possessions, and finances. Most often, any financial security in the life will result from very hard work, but this placement is also prominent in the charts of quite a few millionaires. These people take money very seriously. They are offended by any cheap gifts and place the value of the gift above anything else. As with Saturn in Taurus, poverty affects them deeply and leaves lasting scars. Money is connected to the sense of self-esteem.

3rd house
This can make for serious problems involving a sibling. In some cases, a sibling is favored by parents and other family members, leaving these people to feel unloved. In extreme cases, the sibling can be abusive and take advantage of people who have Saturn in the third house. This is a very serious problem and can be ongoing until death, unless the person with the third house Saturn is strong enough to break away. He/she may feel that they are being helpful to the sibling, but the sibling usually refuses to help him/herself and consequently, brutally uses and takes advantage of the third house Saturn person. People with this placement may have a sibling with a strong Capricorn and/or Saturn emphasis in his/her chart. There can also be problems in learning and involving the thinking process. In some cases, there are learning disabilities, a lack of intelligence, or other problems such as defective speech, hearing, and manual dexterity. People with this placement may feel intellectually inferior to others and fear being thought of as stupid.

4th house
This placement makes for a most unhappy childhood. The mother can be distant, emotionally unavailable, and even abusive and cold. In some cases, the mother is altogether absent from the child's life. Most often, those with a fourth house Saturn feel unloved; their emotional needs were not met as children. In some cases, there can be major responsibilities involving the family that prevent those with this placement from having lives of their own. Issues in the life revolve around unpleasant past experiences such as emotional trauma, abuse, emotional deprivation, and severe family problems. Saturn in the fourth house is often seen in the charts of orphans.

5th house
Many of those with Saturn in the fifth house are childless. This placement gives a large percentage of people who are infertile and unable to have children. If there are children, there can be problems such as handicap or other issues that require major responsibilities. Most often, there is misfortune in some way involving children.

6th house
These people can be workaholics. Work may be a major factor in their lives and in many cases; they work at jobs beneath their abilities. There can be chronic health problems, and periods of unemployment. The line of work can be oppressive, demanding, and all consuming, leaving the one with this placement little time for anything else. I have seen Saturn in the sixth house with people who are forced to work long hard hours at a family business. If work is not the main focus, then there are often serious health problems in the life.

7th house
Saturn in the seventh house often brings an age difference with the marriage partner. In some cases, the marriage partner is more of a parental attitude than that of a spouse and the love aspects of the relationship are lacking and cold. This placement brings delays and sometimes like Saturn in Libra, even denial of a marriage/partnership, and makes for unhappiness in this area of life. The marriage partner may be abusive, cheap, cold, and emotionally unsupportive. In addition, being the seventh is the house of others [platonic] in the life; people who have this placement are often treated badly, and take much abuse. In some cases, the marriage partner may have a strong Capricorn and/or Saturn emphasis in his/her chart.

8th house
Many with this placement have life long poverty and the poverty can be extreme. In some cases, there is life long debts that prevent these people from ever owning anything or from obtaining any financial security. Those with this placement should stay out of debt as much as possible. These people do not like to owe anyone else anything in the way of doing things. They would rather do the near impossible for themselves, than ever ask for help. People with this placement do not like being dependent upon anyone; they must feel self-sufficient. Saturn in the eight can give a long life, with one dying from natural causes. In some cases, there can be sexual hang-ups or other problems involving sex. There can be long periods without any sex, followed by times of extreme sexual indulgences. They often crave a deep soul-to-soul union with a lover, but fate prevents this.

9th house
The education may be lacking in some way, or may be incomplete. There can be misfortunes involving travel, problems coming from people who are of different cultural and/or racial backgrounds, and problems involving spiritual beliefs and education. Those with this position can be dogmatic and narrow-minded. They are usually cautious and do not readily take chances, unless there are other factors in the chart that contradict this. Through hard work, there can be advancements through universities and other places of higher learning.

10th house
The father can be extremely strict and even abusive. Hard work and perseverance can lead to positions of status and leadership. In some cases, the reputation may suffer. This placement gives a talent for management, authority, and good business sense. These people are natural leaders. Saturn in the tenth gives a strong will and responsible nature.

11th house
People with this placement can be let down in regards to friends, and/or they may have very few close friends. In many cases, there are heavy responsibilities involving groups and organizations. Personal goals may be restricted in one way or another. Friendships are often established with those who are much more mature and in same cases, in positions of authority and power. Friends and/or groups can make heavy demands upon those who have this placement.

12th house
People with Saturn in the twelfth house are prone to depression. Many often believe that their secrets are much worse than the secrets of others. There can be feelings of emotional isolation and loneliness. Hospitals, institutions, and other places of confinement can be a major focus in the life, often through one's employment. There can be irrational fears and an overactive imagination. The affairs of the house with Capricorn on the cusp are often unfortunate in some way.


The tighter this aspect in orb, the more those who have it are forced in their lives to conform. In many cases, while growing up, the parents were very strict and allowed little if any individuality, or freedom of expression. These people learn that they are accepted by others through adhering to accepted standards of behavior. They are usually in control of themselves.

Those with this aspect often feel sorry for themselves, especially in childhood. In some cases, those with this placement neglect the importance of money and in extreme cases, renounce all materialism; with both instances, leaving them in poverty. In other words, money and material wealth are not taken as seriously as they should be. The imagination is well developed and can be morbid. Often, the worst is both feared and expected regarding the future and pending problems. In some cases, as with Neptune/Sun aspects, if there are other factors in the chart supporting this, the father may victimize the Saturn/Neptune child in some way or anther, even unintentionally.

Here is the aspect of the cynical person. These people can be hard and learn throughout their lives that they can trust very few if any other people. Often they have come up the hard way and have learned to survive. This aspect gives a strong will, along with a cold and even ruthless emotional nature. There can be serious confrontations with those in positions of authority and power. These people can feel persecuted and react violently in some way.


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