Retrograde Planets

Four or more planets that are retrograde in one's natal astrology chart indicate that the later half of one's life will be more eventful, and if success is to come, it will occur later in the life. The house/s ruled by the retrograde planets indicates affairs that will occur later in life. For example, the marriage house; marriage or love can occur after 30 years of age or later. In addition, many retrograde planets can make one introverted and shy. People who have four or more of their planets retrograde are known as "late bloomers."

If the main chart ruler is retrograde, then the above applies, as the chart ruler has the most emphasis and importance in determining one's fate. If the co-ruler/s is retrograde, and the main chart ruler is not, this will still affect the life, but not as much as when the main ruler is retrograde. The "main ruler" is the planet that rules the ascendant.

With the outer planets, one must look to the entire chart and the position of the retrograde planet in the chart in order to determine the strength of its influence. When the personal planets are retrograde, the influence is much greater than with the outer planets, unless they are prominently placed in the chart. Prominently places means on an angle [conjunct the ascendant, descendant, midheaven, or IC], the chart ruler, or co-ruler, or in close aspect to the ruler/co-ruler.


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