Physics of the Soul

There is a sub-atomic particle, discovered in 1956, called the neutrino. This particle, because of its extremely tiny size, and elusive behavior is difficult for scientists to study. The missing 9/10ths of the universe is thought to be comprised of neutrinos and neutrino-like particles. Although neutrinos have mass, they pass right through physical matter. It has been estimated that a neutrino from the sun would stand a good chance of penetrating a thickness of lead stretching from Earth to the nearest star without colliding with anything.

Recent developments in physics, astronomy, and neurology provide an unexpected breakthrough into the understanding of psychic and paranormal phenomena. The atoms of our physical bodies contain the much finer and faster vibrating neutrinos and neutrino-like particles. These finer and faster vibrating particles compose the substance of the soul, that is joined to our physical body by a magnetic cord that breaks at the moment of death. The soul breaks loose from the body when the body is no longer able to function as a home for it.

When one applies one's self to consistent power meditation, one's chakras vibrate at faster speeds. This takes training, preparation and readiness, but through the higher speeds, approaching the speed of light, one is able to access other dimensions at will.

Humanity currently resides in a lower dimension. This has much to do with our earth and its position in space. In higher dimensions, colors, shapes, sounds, and thoughts are more vivid. One can see through walls and have the sensation of omnipresence. Telepathy is extremely enhanced and other senses become much stronger and more open beyond anything most people have experienced.

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