Working Rituals Outdoors

There is a lot to be said for performing rituals and magick outdoors. The earth energies act to enhance one's inner energy and ability. A quiet place should be selected where one is free from distractions. Using a pendulum to locate an area is also a help. One should be adept with pendulums as they can give "off" readings to those who are less experienced.

To use a pendulum, open a map of the area in which you wish to use and point with a pencil, pen or whatever to specific locations on the map, asking the pendulum whether or not the specific location would be supportive of your workings. You can also ask the pendulum where the most powerful earth energies are located. Take your pendulum to the spot and walk around. If intense earth energies are present, your pendulum will begin to circle. Over really potent spots, it will nearly circle so fast, it will go into a spin.

Stone circles are ideal for enhancing earth energies and for a place to build your psychic energies and powers. The color of the stones is important (see the chapter on color). Using brown stones will amplify the earth energy to be directed into your working. Brown stones will also amplify your psychic ability and attract earth spirits.

You should begin by marking your area and placing your stones around the marked area. There should also be four points within your circle where you will invoke the Four Crowned Princes of Hell (and invoke the four elements for advanced mages). These four points should correspond to directions as you would for a standard ritual. Lighted candles should be at the four points. You can also invite Demon friends into the circle with you. You should be able to feel their presence, or for those of us who are advanced, to see them in the circle with you. After you have assembled your circle and are ready to begin, it is important to breathe in form the earth and visualize a powerful electric blue light coming up from your feet and into your hand, holding the athame. Point the athame, direct the light to the tip, and mark your circle, visualizing the blue light and drawing a counterclockwise circle with it.

The energies raised need to be directed to your specific goal. When they peak, gather them into a glowing ball or other form of your choosing, send the form on its way with instructions, and visualize the energy penetrating your target.

When you are finished, blow out the candles, north, then west, south then east. Using your index finger pointing, erase all of the blue light of the circle, moving clockwise in a smooth, slow sweep. Thank your Demon friends (if you had any accompany you) and scatter the stones.

You can also use the power of a stone circle to meditate in. This will act to enhance your energy. Meditation can be done sitting or lying down. Use the blue light for all of your workings.

Satanism is one with nature.



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