Money Meditation

Obtaining any serious amounts of money is one of the most difficult of workings because nearly everyone is obsessed with getting it. Money is god of this world. The competition is extremely high. In addition, most reliable information in working spells is kept secret and from the public.

The dollar sign $ is in the shape of a serpent. This is the kundalini serpentine energy, which gives power to our spells and magickal workings. You must be strong enough spiritually in order to get any serious amount of money. Wealth is not obtained or ruled by the heart chakra. To obtain any significant amounts of money, you must have a strong solar plexus [Sun] chakra. Money may be of green currency in certain countries, but wealth and riches are ruled by gold. Gold backs the money.

There are very few millionaires without a strong solar plexus chakra. To attract money and wealth, you must be open. You must be 100% that you deserve wealth and riches. Any past hang-ups concerning wealth [these can go back into past lives] must be completely destroyed and you must reprogram your mind and soul to attract money and that you are deserving of money. False religions teach that poverty is a virtue. This is so wealth and power can be in the hands of a few, while the masses are slaves.

The following working is effective in attracting money. Unfortunately, any permanent financial increases that are lasting take time for most people. In the beginning, small amounts of money may come to you, or a larger sum followed by modest amounts. Finances usually improve gradually. This has to do with your own personal spiritual abilities and powers. How strong you are indicates the length of time it will take you to permanently improve your financial situation.

The desire for and to attract money must be engraved and imbedded upon the soul. Workings must be consistent, with full focus and attention. Apply yourself 100%. Signs that the working is effective is money coming to you, regardless of where or what it is from. The best times for doing a money working, or beginning a money mantra are Sundays during the hours of Jupiter, Thursdays during the hours of the Sun or Venus [the Sun is more potent] and Fridays during the hours of Jupiter. The Moon should be waxing and in any of the following signs: Taurus, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius.

You will need a Satanic rosary or Mala beads for this.
Vibrate these words of power 108 times in a session per day for forty days without interruption. You cannot skip a day with this. Do this preferably at the same time every day:

SHREEM MAH-HAH LAHK-SHMEE -YAYEEE SWAH-HAH After you complete the 108 repetitions, visualize plenty of money coming to you while affirming: "I am attracting large amounts of money to myself. This money is my own to keep and to spend as I choose." Repeat the affirmation with the visualization at least 3 times. Each 40 days is a working. In severe cases, the 40 days working may have to be repeated several times to reprogram the soul and to engrave the words of power into the soul to attract money consistently.

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