Mercury: Its Signs, Houses and Aspects



Mercury in Aries
These people often have powerful voices, and can be loud mouthed. They are outspoken, and have a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Even when they are not angry, their tone of voice often sounds as if they are. They enjoy argument and are intellectually competitive. They can have an irritable nature, along with a hot temper. Impatient by nature, they tend towards being impulsive and not thinking before acting or making decisions. They prefer to make a decision and to get it over with. The mind is very active, and these people can have trouble concentrating or settling it down. The mind with Mercury in Aries often races and jumps form one thought to another, even thinking several different things at once, unless there is a strong aspect from Pluto, which can counter this. They have creative ability in the way of being original. They are verbally assertive and will often say what they think and feel regardless of the consequences. Mercury in Aries also bestows agility, manual speed and dexterity and athleticism. They dislike long, winded lectures and ways of learning. They want to get straight to the point, taking the fastest way there.

Mercury in Taurus
These people like to take their time before making important decisions. They prefer to be thorough and know all of the facts, as they like to stick to their plans and follow through on their decisions. They are practical and slow to form opinions. Mercury in Taurus gives strong powers of concentration. Taurus, a fixed sign gives focus. Once these people form an opinion, they will rarely change it. Unlike Mercury in Aries, they tend to speak deliberately, not on a whim. They do not waste their words. They are doers, rather than thinkers, preferring action rather than talk, and can have a gift for business and finances. They are also intellectually and mentally determined and focused.

Mercury in Gemini
Mercury is at home in Gemini. Here, the mind is quick, receptive, and curious about nearly everything. These people are gifted with all forms of communications. They love to talk, write, use the computer, read, and use their minds. They tend to know a little about everything. They have a tendency towards indecision and can change their minds repeatedly, as Gemini is of a duel nature. In some cases, they can have trouble finishing what they start, as they tend to get bored easily and can jump from one project to another, leaving a trail of unfinished business. Their minds are quick and agile. There is also a tendency towards being easily distracted and an inability to get the mind to focus and settle down. They are excellent conversationalists and nearly always have something to say. They enjoy playing games that require using the intellect. This placement also gives mental and manual dexterity.

Mercury in Cancer
These people usually have excellent memories, and enjoy talking about their families and loved ones. People with differing opinions can be threatening to these people, who take their beliefs and opinions personally. Differences of opinion are often taken as personal criticism and/or attacks. They tend to take everything personally. Their emotions are strongly identified with their thinking. This placement gives strong intuition and an ability to feel what others are thinking and experiencing emotionally. Normally, they are conservative in their opinions and beliefs, which make them feel more secure. They can be subjective and biased in their thinking.

Mercury in Leo
These people take pride in what they know. They are usually the ones to give others advice, whether or not the others ask for it. They see their own opinions as the only ones that matter, and whether others might agree never enters their minds. They are strong willed and focused. This placement gives much intellectual pride and self-confidence, and makes one delight in being an authority with their chosen area of knowledge or subject/s. Because Leo enjoys being the center of attention, Mercury in Leo can give a gift for speaking before crowds and for lecturing. It can be difficult for these people to see, let along acknowledge other people's point of view. Their own point of view and beliefs are often all that matter to them. They love to brag about their latest accomplishments, and have a gift for leadership.

Mercury in Virgo
People with Mercury in Virgo are organized and systematic. They are critical, analytical and often see the smaller details that other people overlook. They keep things to themselves out of shyness, but complain later on, when they should have said something earlier. They can have trouble speaking up for themselves, and stating what is on their mind, preferring to keep their thoughts to themselves. They have mathematical ability and are talented writers. Mercury is also in its home sign in Virgo. Unlike Mercury in Gemini, these people have more focus and mental endurance and tend to complete their projects instead of leaving things undone. They are good workers and apply their minds to their work and towards improving things regarding the work. They are perfectionists by nature. Mercury in Virgo also gives manual dexterity, along with an active and agile mind. They can tend to be overly critical of themselves and of others.

Mercury in Libra
These people are generally tactful in their speech. They are well mannered and as a rule, dislike arguments. They can be influenced by others' opinions. They are methodical and prefer to look at all sides and aspects to a situation before making a decision. Because of this, they can tend towards indecisiveness at times. They are objective and unbiased in their judgments as they value justice and fairness. Coarse, crude, loud, and foul speech is a turn-off to them. They are refined and value good manners, not only in themselves, but in others as well. They are not ones to raise their voice, as they tend to be calm and collected in expressing themselves. They can tend to daydream about romance and relationships; this is often on their mind.

Mercury in Scorpio
Mercury in Scorpio gives the gift of concentration and a natural ability in working magick- focusing the desires and will. These people have the gift of being able to visualize. Meditation can come easier for them. They have sharp penetrating minds and are secretive and cynical by nature. They are naturally intuitive and are excellent at research and detective work. They are not satisfied with superficial knowledge, but like to probe the depths of things, discovering and knowing the secrets of others. Once they make up their minds about something, no one else can persuade them otherwise. They are emotionally attached to their beliefs and ideas. They are the intellectual non-conformists. Their beliefs are often unorthodox and unique to themselves, and no rational arguments based upon logic will change their minds. They say either what they think and feel or remain silent. They like to get to the point in their communications, and often for this, they lack tact. Their minds can be fixated on thoughts of sex at times.

Mercury in Sagittarius
These people are usually very curious and interested in everything. They are life-long students who enjoy and value learning, many times informal learning. They are optimistic by nature, unless there are strong aspects to Saturn or a Capricorn emphasis in the chart. Because Sagittarius is the sign of foreign peoples, lands and travel, these people often have a gift for learning other languages. They love to talk and communicate, especially when they are able to share what they know. Forethought is very important to them. While they value tradition, they do not like being indoctrinated with dogma. They are very frank, honest, to the point, and direct in their speech. This placement is good for teaching, speaking, writing and all forms of communications and any work within institutions of higher learning such as universities.

Mercury in Capricorn
Like Mercury in Scorpio, those with Mercury in Capricorn have the ability to focus their minds for extended periods of time. They are patient and persevering. They can tend towards pessimism and are not idealists, but realists. They look for the practical, the tried and true. They are observing of their surroundings and little escapes their notice. Mercury in Capricorn is not gullible. This placement can be a big help for those who have a prominent Pisces or Neptune in their charts, as Mercury in Capricorn keeps one down to earth and less likely to be taken in by scams or deluded in some way. They are ones who think before they speak, and are not very talkative by nature. They can be shy and prefer only to converse with those whom they are close to. They like to apply any knowledge they have in a practical sense. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is usually not of value to them. Knowledge is only important if it can be applied in some practical way. They can lack confidence in their knowledge and intellect, believing they do not know as much as others.

Mercury in Aquarius
These people look to the new, the future, and the original in their thinking. They are rebellious by nature and look to change existing conditions and make new reforms. They are bored with tradition, especially if it conflicts with proven facts, and are inventors and innovators by nature. Their minds are active and can race between one thought and the next. Often, these people have a talent for working with and understanding electronics, computers, and also the fields of science and mathematics. They are often interested in bettering humanity and also in the occult/spiritual and astrology. They are gifted by being unique and have much originality and creative ability.

Mercury in Pisces
These people have powerful imaginations with a strong tendency to daydream. Because they have vivid thoughts, they have a gift for visualization. They are also very intuitive by nature. They often base their thoughts, ideas, and opinions upon their gut feelings and intuition. Because Pisces is a dualistic sign like Gemini, these people can have a lot of trouble in making up their minds, even more so than those with Mercury in Gemini. Pisces is a weak sign. These people are often easily influenced by those with stronger beliefs and convictions, and can alternate between points of view and find it difficult to take a firm stance as to what they really believe in. Like Mercury in Capricorn, Mercury in Pisces can be shy in communicating with others and/or speaking before large numbers of people. They are highly creative, having wonderful imaginations, and have a talent for the arts, such as music, dancing, poetry, painting, and theatre. They must guard against letting their powerful imaginations get out of control, as well as falling into drug/alcohol addictions, because Pisces is a weak sign, in rare cases there can be a loss of contact with reality.


First House
Mercury in the first house gives a strong emphasis on communications in all forms. These people can also be natural athletes, especially if Mars is emphasized in the chart. This placement gives the gift of manual dexterity, agility and a quick witted, alert nature. They are aware of nearly everything and little that goes on in their environment escapes their notice. They are talkative and also enjoy writing. Most people with this placement have above average intelligence. They are intellectually competitive and competent in argument and debate. It is very important for these people to be able to express themselves verbally. They enjoy learning, and are curious. Intellectual games such as crossword puzzles and other word games appeal to these people.

Second House
These people like to spend their money on books, videos, DVDs, computer software, education, and learning. This is an excellent placement for writers and anyone who earns their living through communications. They have a gift for knowing how to make money, such as analyzing stocks and also knowing what sells at any given time. They apply their knowledge and intelligence towards making money.

Third House
Mercury is at home in the third house. Often, these people are above average in intelligence. They are very talkative and have an interest in communications of all sorts. There can be a sibling with a Gemini/Virgo and/or Mercury emphasis in their chart. They often use the phone a lot, as well as spend much time writing. These people are often ones that are on the go and can be restless. There is a talent here for communications of all kinds. They are gifted speakers, writers, and teachers.

Fourth House
Often, the mother has a strong Gemini/Virgo and/or Mercury emphasis in her chart. Education and learning can be a major focus in the home, especially when growing up. The parents may be well educated, and the home may even have a library or other educational resources within. In some cases, there can be frequent changes of residence, even living in a recreational vehicle and/or living nomadically, as Mercury has to do with movement. Much communication often takes place within the home. These people may even work out of their homes, having their own office in part of their house.

Fifth House
These people often have intellectual children or a child with a strong Gemini/Mercury or Virgo emphasis in their chart. The children are often above average in intelligence. These people are excellent scriptwriters, they have a talent in theatre, and they enjoy puzzles and intellectual games for recreation. This is an excellent placement for schoolteachers, as the fifth house rules children and Mercury rules all forms of communications and gives a gift for teaching.

Sixth House
This placement may indicate that continual study and learning is necessary for one's job, such as a medical doctor who must constantly keep up on new information to stay current. They are perfectionists, and can have a tendency to overwork. As with Mercury in the third house, Mercury is at home in the sixth. These people make excellent workers and employees. They value their work and have an eye for details that others often overlook. Communications of all kinds are often emphasized in the work these people do. If Virgo is rising, the person can be a neurotic neat freak. In some cases, there can be nervous disorders, problems with speech and/or hearing/eyesight. Look to see if there are any tight aspects between Mercury and the chart ruler for the possibility of this. They value cleanliness, attention to one's health, hygiene, and organization. They are strong on duty.

Seventh House
There can be marriage to a younger or intellectual partner. The partner can have strong a Gemini/Virgo or Mercury emphasis in his/her chart. Open and free communication in love relationships is very important to these people. People with a seventh house Mercury are usually at their best with a supportive partner with whom they can communicate. They value intelligence in a marriage partner, as well as a good education. Intellectual types turn them on.

Eighth House
These people usually have strong, focused minds. They have a talent for and an ability to communicate with the dead, as well as abilities in all other areas of spirituality and the occult. They tend to be secretive and enjoy doing investigative work. When death comes, it may be from respiratory disorders, or disorders of the nervous system. These people hold grudges and secretly plot their revenge. Telepathy may come natural to many with this placement. They like to uncover the secrets and motives of others, but reveal little of their own thoughts and motivations, as they are secretive by nature. People with this placement are naturals when it comes to black magick and all forms of other spiritual applications of the mind and soul. Sexual gratification often comes from also engaging the minds of these people, as well as the physical act itself. They can tend to think about sex quite a bit. People with an eighth house Mercury miss very little. They are aware of and watch what goes on around them. They are fascinated with the spirituality, hidden mysteries, and the occult.

Ninth House
Many teachers, college professors, philosophers, and publishers have this placement. They love travel and are fascinated with foreign peoples and cultures. They may speak or write regarding religion. They are attracted to study and travel and are life long students who enjoy learning about the world. They are excellent at teaching and inspiring others. Ninth house Mercury people are easily bored and dislike routine or remaining in one place for too long. They have a wide variety of interests unless the chart shape is in a bundle configuration.

Tenth House
These people often work as journalists, writers, in the media, and in areas that require extensive communication. The father may be intellectual or have a strong Gemini/Mercury, Virgo emphasis in his chart. They plan their careers and require the necessary education for them. Those who have Mercury in the tenth house often communicate frequently with people in positions of power, with writers, and others who work in communications. Other career possibilities include publishers [along with the ninth house], printers, speakers, salespeople, those who work with computers [especially in regards to communications], telecommunications, and transportation. These people are often seen as and are remembered for being intellectuals.

Eleventh House
The friends of the people who have this placement can often be younger, intellectual, and/or have a strong Gemini/Virgo or Mercury emphasis in their charts. These people enjoy belonging to groups where there is a strong focus on communications and education. They enjoy learning. They seek out intelligent friends with whom they can openly communicate on just about any subject. Friends often share similar interests of an intellectual nature. In some cases, a brother or sister may be their best friend.

Twelfth House
These people have a superior ability to communicate with Demons, spirits and other entities. The astral vision is often well developed and they are able to see spiritual entities as well. This placement favors mediums. The decisions these people make are often based upon feelings and intuition, rather than logical reason. With mercury in the twelfth, there is a tendency to reveal secrets, either deliberately or accidentally. In some cases, there can be neuroticism, mental illness, and learning disability, reading problems or other mental blocks, especially if Mercury is retrograde. These people are natural worriers, and can have a difficult time concentrating and focusing on one single thing, as they often have many different thoughts running through their active minds. They have an above average ability for detailed work, as well as planning and organization. There can be misfortune or problems with the houses that have Gemini and Virgo on the cusps.


There is a strong talent for writing poetry, composing lyrics, pleasing verbal expression, and personal charm. Most people born with this placement have artistic ability and a sense of beauty. Ugliness and anything seriously unpleasant can have a very negative and deep lasting effect upon them, quite similar to those who have Mercury/Neptune and Venus/Neptune aspects. This aspect is good for singers, and gives a naturally pleasing voice. Many composers and songwriters have this aspect. They have the ability to communicate things that are unpleasant in a positive manner and are excellent mediators. This aspect makes one social.

This person has a mouth. They are frequently sarcastic, along with a sharp intellect and wit. The humor is often dark, sarcastic and to the point. They are excellent at argument and debate. Very outspoken, they are never at a loss for words and often instigate arguments with others. People with this aspect, especially the conjunction, square, and opposition, have a gift for honing in on the weaknesses of others and when provoked, they use this in verbal confrontations, regardless of whom they might offend. They are straight to the point, blunt and often tactless in their communications. This is an excellent aspect for reporters, journalists and others, as it gives verbal aggression.

These people often acquire good educations, and are life long students. They are talkative and intellectual, enjoy travel, and have a sense of humor. This aspect inclines one to exaggerate things, and those with this aspect often have big ideas. These people may study many different subjects at the same time, as they have a very wide variety of interests [unless the chart shape is in a bundle configuration]. People with Mercury/Jupiter aspects, especially the hard aspects are quite talkative. They are often know-it-alls and believe they are in the right regardless of the situation. This aspect gives speaking ability, along with a gift for inspiring others through their communications. Hard aspects often bring extensive travel in the life.

This placement gives a tendency to pessimism, depression, and worry. Often the person's education was not finished or not sufficient in some way. These people are hard working and thorough in regards to study and learning. They are skeptics by nature and often can only see the negative side of life. In some cases, there can be problems with hearing, vision, and communications, but one must look to other factors in the chart to verify this. They are worriers by nature, and can tend to have anxiety concerning the future. There are often problems in regards to the affairs of the houses ruled by Gemini and Virgo and also the house containing Mercury.

I have seen this aspect in the charts of geniuses, meaning the IQ is above 180 [extraordinary intelligence], which is like one in a million. In one case, the Mercury/Uranus aspect [exact square], lined up on the same degree with the ascendant/descendant axis, and with the other, the aspect was exact and lined up with the chart ruler on the same degree. Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. There s a natural ability for the sciences, with mathematics and all advanced areas of study. The ideas are original and often way ahead of their time. This aspect nearly always gives superior intelligence along with a rebellions nature. The new and unusual fascinate these people. They tend to get bored easily and can be of a high-strung temperament.

These people make excellent liars, and in rare cases, if Neptune is prominent and other factors in the chart support this, there can be an inability to separate truth from lies, with a tendency to pathological lying [though this is not too common]. Sometimes secrets are accidentally revealed. The mind is disorganized; one is scatterbrained, and prone to frequent daydreaming without focus. Mercury Neptune aspects make it difficult for one to focus and concentrate. There can be tendencies to dishonesty, and this aspect is often seen in the charts of thieves. These people can be elusive and deceptive, especially if Neptune is prominent. Mercury/Neptune aspects give psychic ability and a talent for telepathic communications. These people have a need and a love for music. They need to listen to music that they enjoy to balance their psyche and to calm their nerves.

These people enjoy snooping into other people's business, as they are nosey by nature. This aspect bestows the ability to concentrate, and is excellent for the workings of magick. These people have very powerful and penetrating minds. They have a talent for investigating things and enjoy solving mysteries and other enigmas. They are naturally strong willed and many have an ability to dominate others, just through their thoughts and feelings, especially if Mercury and Pluto are in hard aspect to each other with a tight orb. This is one of the best aspects for mages/sorcerers.


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