The Characteristics of Fire:
Self-centered, confident, enthusiastic, expressive, bold, subjective, expansive, out-going, extroverted, insensitivity to others, impulsive, impatient, creative, vain, extravagant, reckless, passionate, self-important, exhibitionist, courageous, adventuresome.

People who have pronounced fire often burn themselves out. They are often over-active, restless, and over concerned with making something happen in the world. There are often problems in dealing with others; they can be very insensitive and crude in their approach. Fire people are prone to inflammation, high blood pressure and can be labeled as "hot headed" as they normally have short tempers. Without the element of earth, people who are dominant in fire can lack staying power.

People who are lacking in fire are usually low in energy, lack self-esteem, and self-confidence. There is a lack of spiritedness, lack of enthusiasm, aversion to challenges; there is apathy toward living, major problems take a long time to overcome with lingering psychological scars.

Fire alleviates mental depression and brings a love of life. Fire is the creative principle, the spark of life. Fire rules competition, athletics, action, courage, self-confidence, charisma, and pyrokinesis. Invoking and directing fire is the advanced aspect of pyrokinesis.


TO INVOKE FIRE, go into a light to medium trance and visualize yourself in the middle of a large sphere of fire. Now, do the energy breathing. Breath in the fire from all sides of your body, front, back, top of your head and bottom of your feet. Imagine and feel yourself getting burning hot. Do this for seven breaths AND ONLY SEVEN BREATHS! DO NOT DO ANY MORE! YOU CAN EVEN DO AS LITTLE AS 2-3 BREATHS, BUT NO MORE THAN SEVEN!

You have two options for this exercise:

1. You can breathe the fire back out into the ether after each inhalation and even breath it out some more when you are finished with the seven breaths (This is the safest way) OR

2. You can retain the fire. With retention of the elements, you will progress faster, understand how each element feels and affects you and increase your ability to handle each element, but remember- this is not for everyone. It is better to take things slower and use caution. Remember to always use common sense.


To be adept, one must master blowing (directing the exhale) the element out as we will in following meditations. For example, blowing out the element of fire after you have invoked enough of it and your body can withstand high amounts of this element, you can raise the temperature of objects and even set them on fire, using only your mind. Unlike the other method of pyrokinesis on this website, with the above, you can even be miles from your object.

Invoking fire will make you hot. Depending on how many breaths you do (only seven and under are recommended for those who have not had experience with this element). Even with adepts, 20 breaths can be extreme. While you are doing the fire meditation for the first time, more than likely while you are doing it, you will feel little or nothing. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF DOING ANY MORE BREATHS BECAUSE YOU MIGHT FEEL NOTHING! More than likely, you will feel the effects hours later. The effects of invoking fire include a fever, feeling BURNING HOT after a warm glow/aura manifests, insomnia and since water is the opposite of fire, you can get a backlash of water and this can manifest in depression. These effects can last several hours to several days.


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