Complete Chakra Meditation

To perform this meditation optimally, it is important that your soul is already open. If you haven't already performed the "Opening of the Soul" meditations, then I strongly encourage you to do so before beginning the meditation given below.

In the ancient grimoires, the secret code words for chakra/s are "God/s." The full chakra meditation involves working on all of your seven chakras per meditation session. For example, you would begin with your crown chakra, visualize this chakra, making sure it is aligned correctly, then you would do the specific breathing for the crown chakra. Following this, you would perform the vibration for the crown chakra, and then you would meditate on your crown chakra. After working on your crown chakra, you would move onto your 6th chakra and do the same, then your throat chakra and all the way down to your base chakra. That is the full chakra meditation. You can also work on only one or more individual chakras of your choice as well, but if you choose to do this, at the end of the meditation, it is important to make sure your energies are balanced and this can be done by visualizing/aligning each chakra and vibrating its word of power.

If you have a weaker chakra or want to amplify the powers of one of your chakras, then it is important that you perform the meditation during the day and hours of that specific chakra. When doing this, even though you are working on all seven chakras, the energies of that specific chakra will dominate. To find the planetary hours for your specific locale, I highly recommend this free program. Research has proven that the Ancient Chaldean planetary hours are extremely accurate. I strongly encourage you to download the Chronos program from this website:

There are different words of power that you can choose from to empower your chakras. Make sure you stay consistent, for example, if you are using Rune vibrations, then stay with the Rune vibrations for the entire session, using the Rune vibrations for all seven chakras.
The words of power are given in levels. The "Traditional" vibrations still do work, but they have been corrupted and drastically watered down. The reason I am leaving them here is that the correct vibrations in Sanskrit can be overwhelming if one's soul is not yet strong enough to handle the energy. The words from the 1586 Necronomicon, along with the traditional words of power can be used by new/inexperienced people. The Runic vibrations came directly from both Satan and Lilith, as I used these under their direct supervision in working on empowering a human soul in spirit form who has passed form this earth and is now residing in Hell.

"The subject is naturally one of the most obscure that is known to scholarship, and so far no one has thrown any real light on it. That, however, there was once in Egypt and Chaldea a science of this "nature language," or "tongue of the gods,"
"In Egypt the priests hymn the Gods by means of the seven vowels, chanting them in order; instead of the pipe and lute the musical chanting of these letters is heard.
In speaking of the vowels or "sounding letters" - each of the seven spheres being said to give forth a different vowel or nature-tone - Nicomachus informs us that these root-sounds in nature are combined with certain material elements, as they are in spoken speech with the {14} consonants; but " just as the soul with the body, and music with the lyre- strings, the one produces living creatures and the other musical modes and tunes, so do those root-sounds give birth to certain energies and initiatory powers of divine operations."

- From A Mithraic Ritual

The Complete Chakra Meditation is extremely powerful.

Each session should begin with correctly aligning your chakras. [Click here] Ideally, you should have performed all of the meditations for opening the soul. The full meditation for each chakra is in four steps:

1. Visualizing and correctly aligning the specific chakra you are working on.
2. Performing the breathing technique specific to the chakra you are working on.
3. Vibrating the word of power for the chakra.
4. Spending a few minutes meditating on [visualizing, sensing and feeling] the chakra.

To keep this webpage from being overloaded, links for each chakra are given below. It is important to work on each chakra in the order given [crown to base], or you may reverse the order [base to crown], if your chakras are fully open.










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