Evoking the Elements

When your goals are personal and pertain to yourself, this is the time to invoke energy and project it from yourself.

Evoking energy is different. When spells are for others, it is important to evoke energy as energy that you project from yourself will establish a connection with the person you send it to. Both in cursing and healing, for obvious reasons, this is undesirable. The energy you use must be taken from the universe. It is very important to master both evocation and invocation of the elements in order to progress to advanced levels of ability.

Evoking Fire
Get into a trance and visualize you are in the middle of fire. Feel the heat and hear the hissing and crackling of the flames and feel the burning. Now, begin to collect and condense that fire into a sphere in front of you. Draw the fire element from all directions into the sphere in front of you. The more of the fire element you direct into the sphere, the more dense, material, and hotter it will become. You should feel the heat while you are doing this. The more you compress and condense the fire, the more the heat will grow. You should actually have the sensation of literally being in an oven.

Now dissolve the sphere of fire by visualizing it dissipating ' the exact opposite of when you brought it together. Keep working at visualizing it dissipating, losing its strength, power and heat and eventually dissolving into nothing.


Evoking Air
Get into a trance and visualize you are in the middle of air, fill the entire room with it. Draw the air from all directions simultaneously into a sphere in front of you. Fill and pack the sphere with the air element. You should feel very light, as though you are floating.

When you are finished packing the air into the sphere, dissolve it as you did with the fire sphere.


Evoking Water
Get into a trance and visualize you are in the middle of an ocean or lake. Draw the water element from all directions. Feel the water at first as a cold vapor, the closer you draw it to your body, as you condense the water more and more, you should feel icy cold. Now, pack the water element into a sphere in front of you and then dissolve it, the same as you did with the fire and air. Let it evaporate away into nothingness.


Evoking Earth
Get into a trance and draw a gray mass, similar to clay, from all directions simultaneously. The closer you bring it to yourself, it becomes browner and browner, rich like soil and more dense. Fill the room entirely with the heavy mass of the earth element and visualize it compacting into a sphere. Feel the heaviness and the gravity and its pressure on your body. When finished, dissolve it as you did with the other elements.


Evoke the element of fire again, but this time, have a glass of tepid water in front of you and draw the fire from all directions and condense it into the glass of water. It is best to use a clear glass with this exercise. Imagine the water getting hotter and hotter with the fire element.

If you are successful, the water will increase in temperature by a few degrees. When finished, you can taste the water and it should have an unusual taste to it if you were successful.

Later on, when you find you can raise the temperature of tepid water, then work with colder and colder water and practice the same.

Reference: Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon © 1956



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