How to Detach Unwanted People/Entities from Your Aura

People in our lives, especially those of whom we have emotions for, and/or of whom we are close to, either positive or negative, are attached to our aura. Normally, we are attached at the chakras. These attachments can last for many lifetimes. They are most common with family members, those who are close to us, and those who have affected our lives in any major way, including pets.

There are symptoms of psychic attachment, the most pronounced are thoughts and/or feelings that are not your own, strong premonitions concerning a loved one or family member and other kinds of telepathic emotions and feelings. To know whether a thought or feeling is your own, take a few moments to engulf yourself in the ether. This is done by visualizing yourself within the ultra-violet light of the ether element. 1970's "black lights" are of the color of the ether. If the feeling/emotion goes away almost immediately, it is not your own. If it remains, then it is yours.

In ridding ourselves of an unwanted relationship attachment/influence, we must acknowledge that a problem exists and WANT to let go. If the one performing the working subconsciously does not want to let go, this exercise will be much more difficult. In addition, there are individuals who have such strong feelings, especially in the way of a love obsession, that their feelings can become intermeshed with our own, making it difficult to even perform the working.

The working should be repeated every day from 3 days after a Full Moon until the New Moon. With stubborn cases, the working may have to be repeated for 40 days or even longer, depending upon the strength of the bond.



During the cycle of a waning moon, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Begin with working on removing one person at a time. If there are several, then work on removing one person at a time, as working on more than one will diffuse your energies and make the entire working ineffective. This working can be time consuming.

Ask your mind where the connection/s is. You will find that a mutual connection exists, where there are one or more attachments at the chakras. If you cannot locate the attachment/s [the stronger the bond/influence, the more attachments], then you will need to sever the influence from all of your chakras to be sure it is completely gone.

1. Affirm: "I am now removing any and all ties from [name of person] to my soul, totally, permanently, and completely."
Taking as much time as you need; use an astral knife, saw, a laser, or whatever you are comfortable working with, and dislodge the connections completely from your chakra, one at a time, while vibrating the seed mantra "TH" and focus this vibration where the connection is being severed. Breathe in, visualize the tool brightening up with white/gold light, and on the exhale, vibrate the TH. Visualize and "will" the connection to be permanently severed.

Your will must be strong here, as the other person may not want to let go, and you may feel his/her feelings of desperately hanging on, especially in the case of love obsessions. Seal each chakra where the connections were attached with light/energy, white/gold is the most powerful, as it will also deflect any more attempts to reconnect.

2. When you are finished with severing the connections from your chakras, clean your aura.

3. Then you must seal off your aura. This is done by visualizing a bright white light like that of the Sun [as white light repels and deflects], and affirm:
"My aura is constantly and continuously deflecting and repelling all of [name of person]'s energies in every way."

5. Recite a Satanic rosary, with the seed mantra for the Sun, as this will reinforce the working and burn away any further attempts at reattachment. You can choose whichever mantra for the Sun you feel comfortable working with, but once you begin with the working, do not change the mantra.
[Be sure to roll your R's].

"Light is Power" --Lilith

There is another kind of attachment and that is what is called "psychic vampirism." Psychic vampirism occurs when an individual attaches him/herself astrally to another's soul. He/she usually attaches at one or more of the host's chakras [in most cases, the heart], and drains the host's energy. In all close relationships, there is a mutual soul attachment for better or for worse. In the case of a psychic vampire, the relationship is analogous to that of a parasite and a host. A psychic vampire does not even have to be involved in a relationship, as it is natural for his/her soul to feed off of the energies of others.

The host's energy eventually becomes depleted, especially when in close proximity to the psychic vampire. Whether the vampire is physically near to his/her host, or at a distance, once a psychic vampire has attached him/herself to the host, he/she can drain the host.

Psychic vampires can be strangers, but in many cases, a psychic vampire can even be a family member.

In almost all cases of psychic vampirism, there is a weakness on the part of the host person. The parasite/host relationship often satisfies an unfulfilled need for one or both of the individuals involved. The attaching person's energy feeds off this.

For more in-depth information, written from a scholastic and educated point of view, also including the subject of blood drinkers and explaining the vampire legends, this book is highly recommended:

Vampires: The Occult Truth, by Konstantinos, ' 2004

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