Color Meditation

*This meditation requires the 'breathing' in of energy. You should have experience with the Foundation Meditation before performing this meditation.

Unfortunately, 'white light' is overused by many Wiccan and New Age people who don't know what they are doing. These people use white light to the exclusion of all other colors, and as a result are not competent in working with colors. Because white contains *all* of the colors of the spectrum, they are taking in all of these colors and those they are unable to control or work with, are left on their own without direction. Each color represents a particular frequency of energy that most of us use in our daily lives. If one is not competent in the ability to handle each color, the white light often is unable to be used properly.

White light is easy enough to use and is great for beginners, but the problem is that it is overused. White light is great for cleaning one's aura and balancing energies. It is also great for protection.

White light, when placed around a person, becomes a barrier to interaction with others. This is because white light reflects. If you want to be left alone, then envelope yourself in white light. Filling yourself with white light on the inside strengthens and protects without becoming a barrier to others if you want social interaction.

Overuse of white light can create an arrogant attitude, especially where spirituality is concerned, along with closed mindedness, and rigidity in attitudes. This is often seen in those who practice angel magick. The overall result is that of being at a lower level of spiritual development.

When an individual is competent and has mastered all of the colors, he/she is able to use the white light to its fullest extent.

The Color Meditation:

Begin by getting comfortable and doing breathing exercises or whatever you do to focus your mind and calm yourself before entering into your trance state.

Breathe in and fill yourself with each breath with a specific color of the spectrum, visualizing it as brighter and brighter each time (not lighter; by brighter, I mean more intense):
Red, blue, yellow, orange, violet, green, indigo (bluish-violet, the color of the 6th chakra) or black. This meditation can also be done after meditating on a specific chakra. You can then fill yourself with the color of that chakra.

If you are new to color meditation, hold the color for two to four minutes. If the color feels pleasant, you can hold for a longer period of time. Those who are used to the energy of the colors can hold much longer. One's increased time should be comfortable and gradual.

Each color should be in its pure form and bright. Later on, it is fine to experiment with different shades when adept.

If a color feel negative to you, work with it gradually. Ask your mind for an answer as to why. What does the color mean to you? What associations do you have with a particular color? This is a great way to find out more about yourself. Which colors feel pleasant to you? These are the ones that you may be using the most in your life to the exclusion of others. Knowing this provides information as to which chakras need more work to bring them up to full power.

The most important objective of this meditation is to *feel* the colors. Spend some time with each color, getting into how it feels. Keep a written record in your book of shadows/black book.

Also, you can meditate on the color outside of yourself to feel its energy. It is not necessary to always absorb the color, especially if you feel uncomfortable with certain colors. Remember, if something feels uncomfortable or negative, then stop. When you are finished with this meditation, clean your aura with white light as this will act to balance the all of the colors in your aura.

The benefits of this meditation are the ability to feel, direct and apply color. Color energy is exceptionally powerful when used in magick. Each color has specific energies and acts to bring results unique to that energy.


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