Chakra Breathing
by Azazel

To perform this meditation, you should already be experienced with the Foundation Meditation.

Relax and enter into a trance state, then, instead of breathing in energy into your entire body as with the energy meditation, breathe in energy into each one of your chakras, for seven breaths each. Seven breaths is only a guideline; you can do more or less, but it is important to keep your chakras in balance. It is important to not only breathe in the energy, but also to visualize it.

You can breathe in white-gold energy (the most powerful) or the color energy of the chakra.

When you are finished breathing each of the chakras, breathe in energy through all of your seven chakras, front and back to meet in the middle.

After this, perform the Foundation Meditation.


This meditation can also be done on just one chakra that is lacking in energy or that is blocked. Just apply the breathing one or more times a day. The rest of the meditation is unnecessary if you are working on a specific weak chakra.

Azazel showed me the power of the sun. Most of us are familiar with drawing down energy from the moon and other planets. The sun is hundreds of times more powerful. The energy of the sun contains all of the colors of the spectrum in their purest forms. Performing this full meditation out of doors under the sun can give you incredible energy and is also very healing. Just affirm "I am breathing in powerful white-gold (or whatever color) energy from the sun, into my ______ chakra." Repeat this several times and then visualize yourself absorbing the energy and brightening your chakras with it.


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