Below, you will find a very comprehensive guide on how to Donate with Bitcoin. These different ways to buy and send Crypto, are going to be fairly easy to do. After you do this once, it will be very easy to do. For those who are accustomed to this, it takes literally only a few minutes and is not much dissimilar from a PayPal donation - only safer for everyone involved.

Different methods of this are given below.

Donating with Cryptocurrency is easy. In the Joy Of Satan, we have chosen to go on Crypto donations, because of the injustice and the unequal treatment our religion receives compared to many others in the financial system. Traditional payment processors, even banks, are now branding many people "Conspiracy Theorists" and are waging a financial war against anyone who has a contrary opinion to them. This has been for years and years.

For the Joy of Satan to survive, donations are required. Below, there are 6 different methods of donating with Crypto. All of these methods are way better than PayPal, and superior to Paypal.


Donation method 1 -  Through Exodus Wallet

1. Download the Exodus wallet from the Google Android Store, or the Apple Store.

2. Run the application, and let it open until you have a functioning wallet. Press on the image of Bitcoin, and then press on the upper right corner the arrow that looks downwards. Copy this address of your wallet, then go to the main interface.

3. Go to the four squares on the bottom right logo, press it.

4. Then, the panel will appear that says "Buy Crypto". You press this, then press next.

5. Input an amount you want to send. For example, 200 dollars.

6. Press "Agree and Continue".

7. Your browser will open. Then, make sure the amount is correct and press "Proceed - Total amount X.XX".

8. Then, input your e-mail address. You will receive a verification e-mail, and you should put a password. A throwaway e-mail or secondary e-mail is best to use for this, not your main one.

9. After verification, you will shown a box with your BTC address. This address should be the the one you saw on step 2.

10. Simply press "Proceed". Then you will be asked to input your Card credentials, and you will then receive the Bitcoin after a few minutes pass, inside your Exodus wallet.

11. After the coins arrive [this should take some time, do not worry about this delay, it is normal in Crypto], then you can go to the Bitcoin wallet in your Exodus. You should have a set amount of Bitcoin that you bought earlier.

12. You then press the "Send" Button, which is the button on the upper left, that shows an arrow pointing away from you. Press this.

13. Now, you press the word "All", which means you will send the bitcoin you just bought.

14. You have to now either copy-paste the Bitcoin address of the Joy of Satan Wallet [which is in the Donation page] or alternatively, press the QR sign to scan the address box of the Joy of Satan Donation page. The address will be put automatically on the box.

15. Make sure it's the same address you are sending to.

16. Press next, then use the swipe button to send the Bitcoin.

17. The Bitcoin should be sent.


Donation method 2 - Through Trust Wallet

1. Download the Trust wallet from the Google Android Store, or the Apple Store.

2. Run the application, go through the preliminary steps to open your wallet.

3. After your wallet is open, press the Bitcoin on the screen, and see your BTC address.

3. Press on the "BUY" button on the top of the screen, then, press Bitcoin.

4. Set the number you want, and choose a provider [They are all similar, but some providers might decline some cards. If your transaction is declined, move to another provider].

5. In the next screens, you will have to input your credit/debit card information in some providers, while others will ask you to verify your e-mail. After all of this is done, press next until the final screen.

6. After all above steps are concluded, the Bitcoin will be purchased and after some time, appear in your Trust Wallet.

7. Then, you press "Send" on the upper left part of the screen.

8. Put the recipient address [Joy of Satan Bitcoin address on there] and press "Max" amount or the amount of BTC you want to send. You can also scan the QR code of the Donation page. Make sure this is the same as the one in JoS.

9. Press "Continue" on the upper right corner of the screen.

10. A window saying "Transfer" will show up, then, you press confirm.


Donation method 3 - Through a Centralized Bitcoin Exchange

1. Register an account with any of the following Bitcoin exchanges: Binance, Gemini, Kraken, KuCoin, Crypto.Com. This normally takes 5 minutes to do.

2. You must pass a verification test in most of these exchanges, to verify your personal information. Others, can allow you to transact small amounts with only preliminary verification. Paypal and other donation methods have the same due process, and this is nothing negative. These exchanges, are becoming like Crypto Banks.

3. After you verify yourself, you can buy Bitcoin, or in some of them, XMR or ZCASH. It's better to stay with Bitcoin as a beginner who wants to donate.

4. When you have bought this [your credit card will need to be put there to make the purchase, which will happen shortly after], the Bitcoin should normally appear in your "Spot Wallet" of said exchange, normally located on the lower right end of your screen on the screen.

5. Press there, and then find the BTC, and press on this. A new panel will open. In this panel, there will be a "Withdraw" button. This means, you want to withdraw your Bitcoin to an address. Upon pressing withdraw, you will be asked to input an address. Copy and paste the Bitcoin Donation address, or scan it with the QR code scanner.

6. Do the steps the exchange asks to verify, and then confirm the withdrawal. The withdrawal should proceed.


* On step 5, you can choose your Exodus or Trust wallet or MyCelium Bitcoin address, to withdraw there before withdrawing to Joy of Satan. This is for a bit more skilled users.

Donation method 4 - Through a BitCoin ATM

1. This is one of the easiest methods, and one of the most possible to do anonymously. It is not necessary to do this anonymously, and in certain countries it might be possible, while in others not possible.

2. Find a local Bitcoing ATM. There should be many in most cities or towns in Europe, US and many other countries.

3. Make sure you have the amount of Cash you want to donate with you, in bills [none of these ATM's accept coins].

4. Go there, and if there is a registration process, follow it. If not, you might be able to donate without giving any personal information.

5. Typically, Bitcoin ATM's have a few steps you must follow. These involve setting the price, putting the cash inside the ATM, and then pressing "NEXT", until you are asked for the address which is normally either typed manually [you must type carefully the JOS address] or you can scan the QR code that is shown on the Donation page of JOS, by zooming in the page QR code for BITCOIN with your phone, so the ATM reader can read this. The number then is put, and you press "next", until the sending of the Bitcoin is finalized. The Bitcoin should arrive to JoS.


*A negative of this method is that most BTC ATM's do take a large fee. This is an exchange for the amount of ease this transaction has to it, which is no different than using a literal bank ATM to send money.

Donation method 5 - Through a Centralized Bitcoin Exchange - But with XMR Crypto.

1. As this type of donation is more advanced, you follow all the same steps in Guide 3. But you have to make sure that the Exchange you have chosen, has the XMR coin.

2. You buy this coin, and then you withdraw it with the procedure mentioned above in your Exodus, Trust Wallet, or other wallet.

3. After the coin has been withdrawn and has fully set itself in your wallet [the XMR transaction takes time], you then are able to send the XMR to the Joy of Satan, a transaction which will be anonymous and unable to be tracked back to you.


5. It's a good idea to uninstall the Wallet from your phone and completely scrap it, using a re-install everytime you want to donate. Or you can keep the same for future convenience. Here, it all goes according to the anonymity level you want to have.

*More ways this can be done, is that one can buy XMR, host their own wallet, aside many other methods. These increase anonymity, but also increase the amount of fees these might incur and require indepth knowledge on how to make this happen.

Donation method 6 - Buying through a friend

1. Find a friend you have or relative that knows about Bitcoin and all of this, and won't steal from you.

2. Ask them to buy you an X amount of Bitcoin, and exchange this for X amount of cash.

3. You must have set up a wallet for this in your phone. Tell them to send you the Bitcoin there [Exodus wallet or Trust wallet are easy to use and preferred].

4. The Bitcoin should arrive, and then, you can send it via the way explained above in the Guides 1 and 2, mainly consisting of pressing "Send" after you choose Bitcoin, and putting in the Joy of Satan Bitcoin Wallet address.

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