About Astrology

Astrology, when interpreted accurately, is the most detailed and advanced method of divination and is essential to timing rituals and working magick. Nearly all of the ancient megalithic structures were designed to observe the stars and their movements. The four cardinal points used in ritual are based upon the points of the Zodiac, as are the elements. One's astrology chart is a map of his/her soul.

The Gods referred to the planetary tables as the "tablets of destiny/fate." One interpretation of the number 666 is 6 x 6 x 6= 216. 2,160 years is how long it takes the synetic vernal point to travel through a house of the zodiac. This is the time of an astrological age. "666, is the number of a man" Aquarius, the water bearer. This will be the Age of Aquarius, the age of fire, the Age of Satan.

Astrology is a very detailed and advanced subject, but is well worth the time and study. Most of those who call themselves "astrologers" never advance beyond the elementary level. Most of the mainstream astrology books available are elementary and this makes astrology look bad in the eyes of the public. Many of the books available only tell you about the various *methods* of interpretation, they are unable to interpret the information, so they are useless. When an author writes about "growth," this is a cover-up for "I don't know." A competent astrologer will reveal events in the life.

Important points:

Be careful what you believe when learning astrology, if something doesn't apply to you, more than likely it won't apply to anyone else.

I have been honest in all my interpretations. Astrology is different from other forms of divination. Astrology goes deep and reveals many things, some which may be unpleasant to say the least. Astrology is brutally truthful and will more than likely change the way you look at life, as it has done for me. I have studied and practiced astrology for over 35 years. Much of what I have learned has been through suffering.

As for fate vs. free will, I have found knowing about something before it happens, can sometimes give us an edge in preventing it. If you see bad times coming, working to alter the negative energies with consistent applied power meditation, and keeping your energies high will often sublimate the negative planetary influences. Knowing the effects of the planets is a tremendous help in understanding what is occurring in your own life and in the lives of others.


The down side is knowing about unpleasantness before it happens. Sometimes we see tragedy in other's charts or in our own. People who can't have children, disastrous marriages, unrequited love, and even death.

When you really learn to read the planets, it opens another dimension. Sometimes, things don't always manifest the way we read into them. It is important and *ethical* that you do not reveal anything tragic to others you read for. Satan is ethical and Demons teach us ethics. There is always the possibility it may not happen the way we expect it to. If I see disaster, I tell the person I am reading for to be careful at that certain time.


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